Question to the designer: free consultations on i Saloni Moscow


The already traditional consultation from Roomblewill be held at the famous Moscow exhibition of design and interior i Saloni 2016. If you have any questions related to renovation or decor, come to our stand and get professional advice. In a week the exhibition i Saloni WorldWide Moscow 2016 will start. , we have already written several times (,), but many were interested in us precisely in traditional free design consultations from industry experts. We hasten to please you - they will take place! From 12 to 15 October - the time of the exhibition -Come to the Roomble stand at Crocus Expo - 2 (hall 7, number A23), where our team will provide you with any assistance they can on issues related to interior design. Selection of furniture or adjusting the project, advice on heating or ventilation, what to hang in the hallway and which brand of windows to choose - our experienced designers and architects will cope with everything! List of pros:

  • Irina Vasilyeva, designer
  • Julia Arslanova, designer
  • Sofya Todorovskaya, designer
  • Inga Ajgirey, designer
  • Daria Trofimova, architect-designer
  • Elena Poluboyarinova, designer
  • Oksana Tsymbalova, designer
  • Inna Lukanova, designer.