On July 30th and 31st free design consultancy will be held -

This weekend in the showroom inDesign Studio inExpostroy will receive free consultations from designers and architects. Everyone is invited! Need urgent help in planning? No idea how to arrange furniture? It is not clear which tile or paint to choose, how many fixtures are required in the kitchen, whether it is necessary to combine the bathroom or to expand the hallway? How to start repairing, and how to make your interior as comfortable as possible? Roomble and salon of premium furniture inDesign Studio rush to the rescue! This weekend in "Expostroy" are invited to all those who need advice from experienced designers and architects. Of course, there will be no time for a full design project, but they will be able to offer valuable advice or a promising idea. Variants of planning, tips in repair, helpWith a choice of materials - experts are ready resolutely to any questions connected with design of interiors. Such meetings are held often, and each time more and more people are striving to get a free professional consultation. On July 30 and 31, the following specialists will be present at the inDesign Studio salon:

  • Designer Julia Kirpicheva;
  • Designer Lilya Kashirina;
  • Designer Elena Pakshina;
  • Designer Victoria Pashinskaya;
  • Architects Oksana and Oleg Tsymbalov;
  • Designer Ekaterina Ovsyannikova;
  • Designer Inga Azhirey;
  • Designer Daria Trofimova;
  • Architects Veronica and Sergei Kovalev.

Consultations will take place in a new firstPavilion of the exhibition complex "Expostroy on Nakhimovsky." Address: Nakhimovsky Ave., Building 24, Pavilion 1, 1st floor. Entrance from the Sevastopolsky Prospect. Waiting for everybody!