Question to the designer: free consultations at InDecor Moscow


InDecor Moscow exhibition dedicated to stylishdesigner furniture and accessories, will be held in Moscow from 12 to 15 October. And at it - as at the neighboring i Saloni WorldWide Moscow - professional design consultations from Roomble will also take place. Free consultations of designers and architects are a great opportunity to ask a professional a question and get a competent and useful answer to it. Need advice on renovation or construction? Can't decide which curtains to choose for the bedroom? Which kitchen brand offers the most modern solutions for a large family? How many fixtures to hang in the bathroom? Is it worth starting a redevelopment and what documents will be required for this? Roomble's team of experts at InDecor Moscow will help you cope with any challenge. You can learn more about the exhibition itself by following the link. This exhibition will take place from 12 to 15 October.And all the days at the Roomble stand in pavilion number two (hall 9, number A311), experienced design industry professionals with hundreds of projects of varying degrees of complexity will be waiting for you. Come to them for advice - and they will help! List of pros:

  • Oksana Kostyuchenko, architect;
  • Anna Larina, designer;
  • Elena Poluboyarinova, designer;
  • Oksana Tsymbalova, designer;
  • Inna Lukanova, designer;
  • Sophia Todorovskaya, designer;
  • Inga Azhirey, designer;
  • Katharina Keil, decorator;
  • Daria Trofimova, architect-designer;
  • Ekaterina Gatilova, architect;
  • Julia Arslanova, designer;
  • Elena Pakshina, designer;
  • Maria Cherkasova, architect;
  • Olga Baleevsky, designer;
  • Irina Vasilyeva, designer;
  • Ekaterina Kornilova, designer;
  • Alexander Krivov, designer;
  • Irina Sapozhnikova, designer.