When manual labor is better than a psychologist


The best way to deal with stress isoccupational therapy. And today people are beginning to realize this and even open their own large-scale production! People live in a state of constant stress. To cope with it, many resort to various relaxation methods. Women, for example, are engaged in handicrafts, housekeeping. Men have a little harder time. However, it is precisely practicing their favorite craft that can help them relax and restore peace of mind, and as a result, useful things that are made by hand will appear in the house. For example, the American analyst Matthew Crawford ditched most of his life to work in the office, and at one point he remembered that he had always loved motorcycles, and ... opened his own workshop, which made him a happy person. Today we will talk about how to create your own carpentry workshop. In fact, absolutely any craft to whichthe soul lies (for example, a small woodworking workshop), it can become an excellent antidepressant. At the same time, it is not necessary to immediately start making furniture, wardrobes and taking huge orders. It's enough to start small, such as cutting boards. As a result, the wife will be happy and the husband will relieve stress. Texas kid Clint Harp went even further: he bought a ranch. Starting a company called Harp Design Co., he did business on old boards that he was literally obsessed with. And his wife opened a shop with flowers, sellingthere at the same time and the creation of her husband. Among them are not only candlesticks, but also fashionable chests of drawers, tables, beds, cabinets. Clint is often ordered and decorated the whole house. Soon the guys earned money for repairshis old ranch and, of course, everything for him - from cutting boards and flowerpots to furniture, roof and floor - made by themselves.

Where to equip the workshop?

Of course, it is better to set aside a separate one for it,a fairly spacious room, in which over time it will be possible to place not only hand tools, but also machines, tables and various materials. In the house, a garage or a room from which there is an exit to the street is suitable for this. In an apartment, you can start by simply placing a jigsaw, a couple of screwdrivers and light plywood on a small table.

What do you need for a home workshop?

First of all, there is a large table on which you canwill saw, plan, cut. It is imperative to organize good lighting, because you will most likely have to do your craft after work, in the evening. So that the carpentry does not turn into a flea market in a few days, it is necessary to provide space for storing all the devices in it. For this, boxes, hanging structures, racks are the best suited.