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How to equip a dining area in a small apartment: 5 solutions -


A small apartment is not a sentence, and in itYou can always find a place for everything you need. For example for a dining area. How to arrange it, where to arrange it and how to arrange it - read in our material Life in a small apartment is always a problem with accommodation. Then the rooms are too small to equip the living room, then the kitchen does not have enough room for a table for two people, then the guests have nothing to plant. But is it really scary? We here believe that even in a small apartment you can always find a place for a comfortable and multifunctional dining area. And we have five ideas on how to beat this!


Solve the problem of the dining area in a small kitchenOr the living room will help a convenient table-book. When folded, this piece of furniture takes up quite a bit of space. But if necessary, it can provide you with space for a whole feast. And still, if you do not have so many guests or you want to dine in a close family circle, you can always open the book tables halfway. Opinion of the editors: - Tables-books have long been popular with owners of both small and large apartments. They do not take up a lot of space, but at the same time they will be fully accommodated from 4 to 12 people.

Desk mounted in a wall

Another solution is the table that is attached to theWall. If you do not have a place to set up a book table in your apartment, such a folding table will be the answer to many questions. When folded, it is just a board on the wall or a door near the pendant locker. But when dinner is ready, the table appears immediately. Opinion of the Editorial Board: - Fastening the countertop to the wall will help save space, which is usually occupied by the legs of the table. Thanks to this, such a table can be safely installed in a narrow aisle or in a small kitchen.

Table on wheels

It is difficult to imagine an apartment in which there is noNot a single table. So why not buy a table on wheels? After all, if you suddenly come across guests, such a table can easily be put in the middle of the room. Well, on other days it is perfect for work, study or as a shelf for flower pots.

Coffee table with lifting mechanism

Modern furniture is oftenfurniture transformer. And if you do not have room for a full-fledged dining area, you can borrow our idea. Lifting mechanism in the coffee table will provide you with a dining and working area. This is convenient, and does not take up space.

Transformer Tables

Continuing the idea of ​​coffee tables with a liftMechanism, we want to show you a few more options. In the first case, the legs of the table adjust its height, so that you always have the table of your desired height. The second option is again a coffee table, but during the transformation it not only raises a part of the countertop, but also drastically increases in size.