The apartments are 45-90 sq.m.

Apartment in Kiev: how unexpected difficulties can contribute to a better result

This apartment became the focus of surprises: During the repair, the superfluous door was discovered, the zones are demarcated very untypically, there is no TV, and the library is arranged in such a way that it is difficult to imagine ... This designer in Kiev designed by Alexei Bykov, who was approached by a young couple: the husband - the music director, the wife - the designer of clothes . They really wanted to spend their honeymoon in a new apartment. Alexey Bykov, designer Education received in KNUSA (Kiev National University of Construction and Architecture), where he studied architecture and wrote a thesis on energy efficiency. After studies he worked in different architectural and design studios ("Forum", "AR Studio", cottage town "Sun Valley", Dreamdesign). Then, together with his comrades and former fellow students, he created the group "Manifesto". He is engaged in the implementation of design projects for more than 7 years.

What customers wanted

The greatest desire of the customer was that,So that the apartment had a spacious library. To store books and various objects, the designer came up with a podium filled with a lot of horizontal and vertical shelves. Their location can easily be changed, and therefore, and replay the geometric pattern of the podium. In general, the project is based on the concept of continuous movement: in the center of the apartment is the kitchen, and around it - all the main zones, and you can get from one to the other simply by moving in a circle.

Color and furniture

The color in the apartment is given by such materials asBrick, wood, textile upholstery of furniture, - they became the basis for a pleasant mustard-olive tonality. As for the furniture, all of it (with the exception of the Vitra chairs) was made according to Alexey's sketches to order. Alexei Bykov, designer "Since furniture IDesigned himself, it was necessary to find a good master who could cope with the work in accordance with the idea. And such was found - he perfectly felt the material and coped with it was controlled, but all of a sudden the favorite master got into an accident. We decided to wait, because he is an excellent specialist. But, unfortunately, the carpenter could not continue the work, so I had to look for a new woodman. "


Based on the wishes of customers artificialLighting in the apartment made soft, warm and comfortable. In the interior, the lighting fixtures Mess Vasyl Butenko and Anna Popovich are used, as well as the ceiling chandelier Tolomeo of the Italian brand Artemide.


According to the designer's idea, the walls had to remainNaked. However, the apartment, located in a house built in 1905 and survived a lot of redevelopment, was a surprise. Alexei Bykov, designer: "In the process of dismantling, we found that the old doorways in the walls are laid with silicate blocks. This did not suit us, and I decided to go in search of a brick, which could be replaced with blocks. Old brick differs from what is produced now: it has its own texture, roasting, it is made of other clay, and most importantly, it has other dimensions. " At first, Alexei just walked around the city in the hope of finding the necessary material, but he could not find anything. However, soon a newspaper accidentally hit him with the announcement "The royal brick is for sale" - that was exactly what was needed. To luck with the brick was added an acquaintance with the real bricklayer, who coped with his work in record time.