How to find a place for jewelry: 10 unusual storage ideas


Sometimes things worthy of decorating not only you, butand the interior, gathering dust, forgotten in caskets and boxes, because it is difficult to find a place for them. Here are 10 ideas for using the most basic storage items. You can easily find all these items at home or in the store. A minimum of effort, a little imagination - and your jewelry will always be at hand and in plain sight. And none.


Special stands for necklaces in the form of bustsAnd for rings in the shape of a hand can be bought. But, perhaps you have interesting options at home. For example, wooden hands, sold in stores for artists.

Cabinet doors

If you do not want to store jewelry in sight - hooks and cornices installed on the inside of the cabinet, will allow you to easily think about the combination of costume jewelry and clothing.


Simple garden tools are great for storing necklaces and chains. Funny and original.


Brilliant in its simplicity and attractiveness of the idea. Put the magic tree in a bottle or fasten it to the wall.


Remaining from the service cups and saucers perfectly store small ornaments. Choose the most beautiful.


Especially convenient for storing bracelets. Different glass colors, shapes and heights will turn your table into a real showcase.


Cute toy animals - especially thosethat with a long neck - will delight you every time you put on the rings. You can paint the "keepers" with gold or silver paint -. We recommend dinosaurs, elephants and giraffes.


Palette for paints as if created for tiny earrings and rings. If you want, sort the stones by colors.


Banal grater will place a pair of earrings in each cell. It's easy to hang on the wall, set it in a convenient place and move it if necessary.


Decoration on a tennis racket - who would have thought that it would be so convenient. Get the forgotten sports equipment from the mezzanine and give it a new life.,, Anna Smirnova