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10 harsh home plants for real men -


This man is responsible only forAnd rejects all attachment? No and no! A real man sdyuzhit all! Even care of the ficus. In our article - the top of the best plants that will be able to get along with a strong half and not die

Being a modern man is not easy.The economy has favored clinical workaholism for several years, ecology is more aggressive than bedside monsters, and every second bipedal citizen strives to doubt your masculinity. Where, then, to take a breath for a bristly city dweller, if not at home? We taught how to select furniture, the time has come to get a pet. No, we will not offer anything serious, requiring regular feeding and walking. Everything is much simpler. 1. Cactus

He is as multifaceted as a real man,Prickly outside and soft, like a peach, inside. At times, he blossoms with happiness, and if necessary, can survive the apocalypse. However, it is not worth waiting for wonders - the one that "walks by itself", the thorns will not be frightened, and still climb to the neck. 2. Drosera Rosyanka

Life is always in full swing in the lair of a true man. Forgotten under the nightstand sandwich with a toxic mayonnaise sauce in just a couple of weeks will give birth to monsters, from the look of which even Dexter scowls. And here absolutely absolutely brainless, but toothy handsome man is useful. He will eat all the flying and crawling with appetite, besides, we do not know other allegorical ways to show the world his predatory nature, than to settle on the windowsill of the bloodthirsty "flywort". 3. Anthurium

No, this is not the name of the elven city, it'sQuite a brutal flower, in the common people called "male happiness." Look at the picture, feel a deep allegory? Petal as a symbol of the plane and two-dimensionality of ordinary life and a swept core that tends to skyward, to a single truth, light, and eternity. 4. Spathiphyllum

Another long title that you can not master withThe first time, so remember the second - "Lily of the World." This beauty may seem too tender and feminine, but it is a real warrior capable of winning with the most malignant mold and formaldehyde. It can be safely put in the bathroom and watered only occasionally. Madame is unpretentious and knows how to live without the sun. For some time. 5. Aglaonema

A real man smokes like a steam locomotive? And here not! A proud bearer of bristles is strong in spirit, strong-willed and therefore free from any dependencies. But his flock can sometimes smoke, what can I do, then he's alpha to tolerate and put up with the weaknesses of others. To cope with the toxins left in the atmosphere by weak-willed sponsors of tobacco companies, Aglaonema will help - an unpretentious, silent assistant with a nice looking camouflage coloring. 6. Aloe

A real man is not sick, he "licked wounds" and"Comes to itself". Therefore, there is no place for a first-aid kit in the house of a city predator, but if it does, (in the literal sense), a green healer will always help. Aloe can also adjust the acid-base balance, and with detoxification help, and digestion harmonizes, and a couple of scratches left by the bulgarian will heal, and immunity will raise. A useful and cute thing, is not it? 7. Ficus

It is a lone wolf among houseplants. He can do everything and requires very little. Just like a real man of the highest standard. 8. Palma "Lady"

Even the most brutal and self-sufficientThe alpha male is required to take a breath periodically and think about the important. If this tropikanku attached to your favorite chair, it will quietly and imperceptibly saturate the air around yourself with minerals and salts, beneficial to the respiratory tract sitting next Homo Sapiens. And she like nobody can calm nerves. 9. Rosemary

Here everything is simple: a real man eats meat. Than it or him sdorit (meat, not the muzhik)? That's right, rosemary! Where can I get it? There, tear off the bush on the windowsill. 10. Moss

"Grow in moss" is not about a man. But to organize a cave in the best traditions of the Bruce Wayne dungeons is always please. Could there be caves without moss?