With your own hands

How to make an original bookshelf with the help of goods purchased at IKEA: a master class

The book can serve not only as a sourceInformation, but also a stylish decorative accessory. For this, it must be "competently" submitted. How to do it and what can help you in it - we will tell in our article. In the era of the Internet, laptops, smartphones and readers, when almost any text or product can be read directly from the display, many refuse from traditional information carriers - books. However, to this day, the presence of printed literature in the interior is perceived as an indicator of the level of culture of its inhabitants. Therefore, it is not necessary to store your favorite books on distant inaccessible shelves. Where better to choose for them a decent pedestal and put on public display as a decorative composition with an intellectual overtones. We suggest you personally make an unusual wall shelf in the form of a suspension bridge, using goods from IKEA and a standard set of tools.

Materials and tools:

  • Wooden bars or a wooden board with a thickness of at least 2 centimeters (in our example - Statlig Board of IKEA);
  • Shelf holders (in our example - Ekby Bjarnum from IKEA);
  • Cord (or rope, tourniquet, tight elastic);
  • Metal washers;
  • drill;
  • saw.

Pick up bars of the necessary size is enoughIt's difficult, so if you do not succeed, just buy a wooden board and cut it into pieces. In our example, 13 pieces of the board were used to create the bridge shelf, two of which have a width of 6.5 centimeters, and the remaining 11 - a width of 5 centimeters. At the end of each bar it is necessary to drill two through holes. It is important that the arrangement of the holes on all the bars is identical. Before you start, check with the photo. Cut two pieces of cord. At one end of each fragment, tie a strong knot. For additional fixation of the site, you can use glue. Then pass the loose ends first to the first bar (6.5 centimeters wide), and then to the rest. As spacers between the bars use steel washers (in our example - three pieces for each hole). The second wide bar should finish the row. Fasten the ends of your bridge (wide bars) in the brackets (holders for IKEA shelves) and hang the structure on the wall. The new original shelf in the form of a suspension bridge is ready. Now you have a decent exposure platform for your favorite books, which never go out of fashion. instructables.com