What is fashionable this fall: the five most important trends in interior design


Want to keep up with fashion even in designyour home? From our article you will learn about the main trends in interior design, announced at the most important autumn decor exhibitions. Of course, for those who work in the classical style, visiting exhibitions gives an opportunity to plunge into their native element. The variety of truly decorative interiors, designer stands and extraordinary compositions - all this inspires, amazes, and sometimes even shocks. Designer Elena Krylova shared with us her impressions of the decor she saw at the exhibitions held this fall and made impressive conclusions about new trends. Let's take a look at what the most fashionable designers and decorators focus on in their work.

Exciting flavors

Exhibition organizers pay great attention to"Odorous" stands. Unusual design, enticing fragrances from the best fashion houses, including Luxury Candles, Christian Lacroix, bright colors - all this makes you stay for a long time at appetizingly served stands with the desire to take with you, if not the entire exposition, then at least fragrant memories. It is also worth filling your houses with magical aromas, since now there is such a huge selection of aromatic interior candles and incredibly beautiful sachets.

Flowers Forever

Flowers have long become a symbol of freshness, comfort andthe warmth of our homes. Not a single table setting is complete without chic floral arrangements. However, their time, unfortunately, is numbered. French florists have disproved this theory by proposing stunningly realistic artificial flower decorations. If someone still considers them a symbol of bad taste, it's time to reconsider your point of view. Flowers in huge vases and small boutonnieres, flowers in the interiors of bedrooms, living rooms and kitchens, flowers in table setting and in the form of individual compositions - all this looks as natural as possible, and thanks to new technologies, they practically do not differ from natural ones to the touch. Our opinion: - First, buy one beautiful composition and put it in the toilet, for example. If you can come to terms with the fact that the bouquet is inanimate, try moving it to another room until it finally ends up on your dressing table. Then already - the flag in hand! - buy this beauty for the whole apartment.


Of course, this trend is passing like a red thread.through most of the exhibition stands. It manifests itself both in the creation of furniture from natural materials, creative ideas of designers inspired by nature itself, and in items created from recycled materials. Examples include ottomans and tables in the shape of large boulders, armchairs made of solid stone, the Born this way furniture collection from shipping containers, children's furniture and wallpaper made of cork, as well as many interesting accessories in the form of funny animals: reindeer shelves from BEdesign and the collection Petstools soft stools from Hanna Ernsting. However, some objects evoked a double feeling: stuffed exotic animals or chairs made entirely of crocodile skin. Such eco-trends are a luxury that provokes protest. Our opinion: - If you feel sorry for giving money for designer "firewood" - ask your friends to cut nice birch stumps for you. There will be no limit to the delights of aesthetic young ladies!

Lemon and turquoise

Discreet shows colors also addressvisitors to the eco-trend. Most of the exhibitions are created using laconic gray and natural green tones. However, some bright accents stand out favorably among this muted color. Colorful furniture, scarlet roses, noble gold - all this draws attention to exquisite interior items. The color trend this year is tiffany menthol and bright lemon yellow, which refresh the interior while making it more respectable. Especially bright color trends are observed in the collections of fabrics and home textiles of such brands as Kenzo, Missoni, Blumarine. Our opinion: - Lemon in our latitudes scares many. Although for a curtain in the bathroom, for example, it will work fine. But our man has a long-standing passion for turquoise, which is passed down from generation to generation. So here it is more likely that we do not take an example from them, but they - from us.

Humor as a trend

Exhibition designers are concerned with creating theircollections with humor. Many exhibitions make visitors smile sincerely, looking at the original finds. Diesel pleased us with a collection of tableware reminiscent of assembly tools, and Sedes Regia showed ottomans in the shape of funny animals. Agree, in such an interior it is difficult to become sad. In short, humor as a trend is worth taking note of.

Tips for visiting exhibitions of decor

Elena Krylova, interior designer:- If you are a practicing designer, then, firstly, do not expect more from exhibitions of decor than from the famous Italian furniture exhibition iSaloni. Here you can enjoy the beauty of the decor, but for the main interior trends you need to go to Milan. Secondly, be sure to wait until the last day of the exhibition. It is then that the most interesting decor items can be purchased from the stands at absolutely ridiculous prices. Third, take clients with you. The atmosphere of the exhibition adjusts them to the consumer's mood, and it becomes extremely easy to choose the decor you like. The main thing is to protect them from unnecessary purchases. Fourthly, divide the days of visiting the exhibition. Do not try to go around everything at once - you will not be able to fully enjoy and feel every stand and items presented on them. Finally, don't hesitate! European decor exhibitions are exactly where you need to go for inspiration. Photos taken by designer Elena Krylova at the Maison & Objet exhibition