What will be interesting at the exhibition "Wooden House Building" / Holzhaus: a brief overview of the sections


On October 30, it will open its doors to everyone21st International Exhibition "Wooden House Building" / Holzhaus. The exposition of wooden creations of a wide variety of styles and purposes will last until November 2. What is especially interesting, the exhibitors will demonstrate not only the fruits of their creativity, but also sources of inspiration. The event also promises to familiarize visitors with the products and services of international companies specializing in the design, production, construction and sale of wooden houses, building materials, tools, engineering equipment and fireplaces. There will be six sections in total at the exhibition.

1. Wooden houses. Cottages

This main professional section of the exhibitionWill be represented by a rich variety of houses, made with the use of various construction technologies. There will be frame houses, houses from chopped hand logs, houses made of round logs, of glued beams and half-timbered houses.

2. Foundations

This section of the exhibition is entirely devoted to the foundations and technologies of their bookmarking. Determine what kind of foundation is right for your home, you can, having received the expert's recommendation right at the exhibition.

3. Roofs. Fences. Door systems

Roofing materials now there is a greata bunch of. To understand the rich assortment presented at the exhibition, representatives of manufacturing companies will help. Consultants will select the roofing covering based on your needs and the technical characteristics of the house.

4. Materials and means for finishing, protection, insulation

Visitors of the exhibition "Wooden House Building" /Holzhaus will be able to get advice on the thermal and sound insulation of the wooden house. The paint and varnish plant "Oliva" will hold a master class on the technology "Warm seam".

5. Stoves, fireplaces, chimneys

A wooden house, no doubt, needsIndividual heating system - in our mid-zone the weather is unpredictable and may deteriorate at the most unexpected moment. Because of this already at the initial stages of construction, people begin to look for a place for the fireplace. At the exhibition "Wooden Housing" / Holzhaus will be presented models of fireplaces of various types and specifications.

6. Engineering systems and equipment

The visitors of the exhibition will be presented with the most advanced engineering systems and equipment for air conditioning, heating, water supply and sewerage. Uw-haard.nl, detoryapi.com