Storage of shoes: 10 tips for every day

How to properly store shoes, so that it alwaysWas at hand, but was hidden from the eyes and did not take up much space? Today we prepared 10 valuable recommendations for you and 30 illustrative examples Shoe storage will not be a big problem for you if you organize a place for it correctly. But this is only one part of the solution. It's important not just to remove it from under your feet or hide it further away, most importantly - then quickly find it. Ideal when you have a dressing room. But what if there is none? When there is not enough room in the closet, you have to come up with alternative options. Manufacturers of furniture offer different accessories, shelves, hangers and bedside tables. So there is something to choose from. Although there are other, more simple and interesting ideas for storing shoes. We have prepared for you 10 different options that will help to quickly solve this problem.

1. Two in one

Use folding benches for storing shoesOr pouffes. Available for sale are mobile, lightweight, comfortable and roomy copies. So you provide extra space for sitting and storing shoes.

2. Creativity

Set yourself a creative task. Make a comfortable design for the shoes themselves. To do this, you need PVC pipes of large diameter. Fold them up with a slide and lock so that they do not disintegrate. Convenient, saves space, and shoes are always in order!

3. Hook on the heels

There are many simple ways to store shoes,Using improvised means. One of them is the staircase. You can just hook your heels for it. Also suitable for this role are the usual moldings, which the walls make out. This is an excellent support for shoes with heels and space saving.

4. Season change

Pledge of Order - Correctly Organizedspace. When the next season ends, the question arises: how to store shoes and where to hide it. With a limited number of square meters, use the seats under the bed or on the mezzanine. In this case, buy organizers in the store in the form of plastic or cloth suitcases.

5. Keep shoes in boxes, like Evelina Khromchenko

Boxes are an excellent, proven wayStorage of shoes. Even the fashion expert Evelina Khromchenko keeps her most expensive shoes in boxes. She believes that this is the easiest way to keep shoes in good condition. She told about this in an interview for Forbes magazine. For convenience, you can hang on the boxes with a tag with a color or photo of shoes. And it's better if you pick up the transparent boxes. Then you can easily find the right pair.

6. Art exposition on the shelving

If you unfold in an ordinary open rackBasic outfits for the season, guided by the principle of United Color, then it will be very convenient for you to select the next image. And so you decide the issue with the storage of shoes, and the interior diluted with paints. Before you put it on the shelf, you will need to bring your shoes in order if you were in it on the street (clean and wipe off dirt). On open shelving, put baskets, these are additional storage places. True, shoes will be in them in bulk. But it will be well ventilated.

7. On a wall or on a crossbeam

Plastic or rag organizers can be mounted on a wall or on a crossbar. This idea is easy to implement by those who sew. In extreme cases, you can make them to order.

8. Retractable storage systems and stands

More convenient option, when drawers, shelves and modules are retractable. There are quite capacious coasters for shoes. For example, some can store 16 pairs at a time.

9. As in the fashion boutique - shoe racks

Use special racks and hangers forShoes. Such things can often be seen in shoe stores. This is a compact and original way of storing shoes. Yes, yes, a non-standard solution, but very suitable.

10. Space under the stairs

If you have a ladder, then there are several ideas for storing shoes: the steps and the place directly under the stairs. And you no longer need to think about where to store shoes in addition.,,,