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Live alone or rent out: that's what the owners of this apartment are now thinking about


Are you preparing an apartment for rent?Do you want to make a cosmetic repair before this? The customers of this Moscow apartment decided not to waste time on trifles and turned to the designer. They liked the interior so much that they are thinking of staying in it. The discreet, laconic and convenient for life project, which will be discussed today, was developed for a 4-room apartment located in the Shuvalovsky residential complex in Moscow. The customers who turned to the designer-decorator Anastasia Muravyova for help wanted to create a relaxing atmosphere in the apartment. A place where it is pleasant to return after a hard day's work, where it is always calm and good. Having listened to the wishes of the apartment owners, Anastasia suggested decorating the interiors in a classic style. Anastasia Muravyova Educated at the Moscow Architectural Institute (a subdivision of the Higher School of Environmental Design), as well as at the Moscow State University. M. V. Lomonosov (Faculty of Economics). He holds an MBA from the University of Bristol. Anastasia sees her mission to create a comfortable, stylish and harmonious space, taking into account the financial capabilities and wishes of her customers. She is engaged in the development of private and public spaces. He paints, participates in specialized exhibitions.

Dreams of customers

The apartment is intended to be rented out, butthe possibility of using the apartment for their own purposes in the future is not excluded. Therefore, the layout is designed for a family with two school-age children. A wish for style is to create a restrained classic interior in neutral colors with moderate decor.

Features of the layout

The apartment had a free layout.It was required to develop a zoning and a scheme for installing partitions in such a way as to separate private premises, which include a bedroom, an adjacent wardrobe, a nursery and the main bathroom, from common areas such as a kitchen, living room, hallway, library (which can also serve to accommodate guests ). It was also required to provide storage places for various things, for which a dressing room, a pantry, and a built-in wardrobe in the hallway were allocated. All tasks in the development of planning and interior visualization were successfully solved, the plans were approved by the customer. The project is now at the initial stage of implementation.

Color solution

The customer wished to receive an interior executed in neutral tones. Proceeding from this, we chose the shades of beige and gray, accents diluted them with textiles and lamps.


Lighting is designed according to the traditional scheme -In each room there is a main source of a ceiling light (a chandelier, and in the living room also a light curtain rail) and local lighting in the form of sconces and table lamps.

Made to order

On request, wardrobes for the hallway and dressing room, a bathroom cabinet, and a living room for the living room will be built - it will include a TV, video equipment and an artificial fireplace.


Furniture for adults and children's bedrooms are chosen fromAssortment of the factory Piermaria. An important element of finishing the bedroom is a mirror wall, necessary to visually enlarge and make a smaller room lighter.

Living room and study

For the living room and cabinet, the furniture and light of the middle price category of the French brand Mis en Demeure - tables, chairs, library, and the Italian factory Asnaghi - sofas, armchairs were selected.


The Italian cuisine of Baltimore was selected from the Scavolini factory. The period of its manufacture is 3 months. On the floor is a Patchwork tile from the Cicogres factory.


The tiles were selected from the assortment available inAvailability. In a large bathroom - tiles from the collection Dax from Saloni Ceramica (store "Ceramics for you"), in small - Provenza ( Plumbing fixtures and mixers - Villeroy & Boch, Burlington, Hansgrohe.

Wallpaper, paint, textiles

  • Textiles, like furniture, we plan to order from Fifth Avenue Home Fabric Atelier.
  • Wallpaper decided not to use, preferred the paint, so that the walls were easier to update if necessary.
  • Complex smoky shades were chosen from Benjamin Moore.
  • The necessary element of finishing the classic interior is stucco molding, in our case - from Orac, we plan to order in "Empire-decor".

Floors and doors

Doors from natural ash veneer are found inA classic collection from the factory "Sofya", floors - from the collection of Quick-Step. The plinth is chosen high, in the color of the doors, to emphasize the classic character of the interior.

Tips for readers of Roomble

  • Finishing an apartment that is rented,Must be designed so that it is easy to update, repair, change the color accents and decor. Therefore, it is better to give preference to paint, rather than wallpaper, decorative plaster or wall panels. When choosing other finishing materials and furniture, you should also pay special attention to their durability and ease of care, since we do not know in advance how carefully the interior will be used.
  • It is necessary to find a reasonable balance between the price andQuality, so that the interior looked solid, in accordance with the quality level of the real estate itself, and the costs were within the budget set by the customer. In principle, this is required for any project, but in the case of an apartment for delivery, this question is particularly harsh. Making the interior not for our own use, we are less inclined to invest in any "delights" and additional conveniences, and also are not happy to adjust the budget to increase, even if it becomes necessary.
  • It makes sense to use neutral tones. They will serve as a good background for textiles and decor, which can accommodate both the landlord and the tenant in the apartment. The budget of such a project, most likely, will not allow much to invest in decor, so emphasis should be placed on affordable textiles and light, as well as on mirrors, inexpensive paintings, photos or reproductions.
  • The visualizations are presented by Anastasia Muravyova