Wood in the bathroom: 30 decor options -


The tree in the bathroom does not belong? By no means! It is in the bathroom that the wood is able to unfold from the most unexpected side and in the brightest way transform the seemingly most common space

Traditionally, the tree is not associated with usbathroom decor. However, in recent years this belief has been shaken. In the interiors of modern bathrooms, it is increasingly possible to see Siberian larch, known for its resistance to moisture and temperature changes.

In addition, interior designers are now activeuse in their projects many exotic species of trees. Thanks to modern technologies of "baking" of wood at ultra-high temperatures, the raw material becomes so strong that it is safe to make of it bathtubs and shells.

The chemical industry also does not stand still, a huge number of modern toning impregnations can protect the tree from moisture and harmful bacteria and fungi. All of the above opens up new, almost unlimited possibilities for designers.