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Unexpected decor in the bathroom: 30 examples

The bathroom is a simple and boring place, is not it? Tile, tile, light color, no surprises. We want to surprise you and show something that you probably did not expect to see - appreciate and take on the arms of unusual and bold decor of the bathroom. It seems that the designers are tired of the standard and similar, like twins, bathrooms. This room deserves an individual approach, because apart from purely utilitarian functions, it is also a place of rest and reflection, a zone of self-improvement and purification of not only the body, but also the spirit. Therefore, the interior can be non-standard and unexpected - the main thing is that you feel good in it.

Lovely Red

How do you like the red walls in the bathroom? Seem more suitable for the living room? Are you used to the bathrooms beige and? In terms of the psychology of color, red gives energy and lifts the mood, and the bathroom is just the place where we start and end the day. Why not do it in an excellent mood and full of vivacity? Choose a slightly subdued, noble shade, and it will never bother you. Red more often appears in the design of bathrooms - look at these magnificent designs.

Wallpapers in the bathroom

Modern materials, from which make wallpaper,resistant to moisture and with normal ventilation in the bathroom will be an excellent and unusual alternative to the tile. Do not be afraid to break the rules - if the bathroom is or boudoir, perhaps you will feel more comfortable and quiet in it.

Wood in decoration

Wood is an excellent material for wall finishing andsex. Remember the decks of the old ships - they stood a much greater pressure of water than the floor in the bathroom. Covered with a waterproof layer, the tree looks noble, environmentally friendly and brings warmth and comfort to the interior. Even simple wooden shelves and furniture make the bathroom design unusual and memorable.

Photos and pictures

We have already talked about one where the designerused in the design of one remarkable photo. It seems that the art in the interior of the bathroom is becoming popular - photos and pictures look great here, and even more talk about the artist's artistic taste.

Sculpture and statuettes

If there is a place for pictures, there issmall statues. The figurine of the Buddha will fit in the bathroom, and the busts of generals and heroes - in the classic. And some of the figures at the same time can work as holders of the necessary objects or guardians of ornaments.

Flowers and plants

Plants like high humidity and heat. For some, even the absence of light will not hurt. Orchid can bloom right in your heart! Other suitable options are fern, Uzambara violet, succulents and bamboo. Well, do not forget about the cut flowers - a bouquet in the bathroom will create a feeling of a holiday and will please you for a long time.,,