Unusual interior: 28 photos of the ice hotel


The famous ice hotel Icehotel is already taking guests with might and main. Today we look into his ice numbers and in another we admire the fantasy of the authors

Swedish Icehotel - the first and therefore the mostfamous in the world of ice hotel. First built in 1989 in the village of Jukkasjärvi, the Icehotel is reborn every year and hosts guests from December to April. Absolutely everything - from the walls to the glasses in the bar, except only the beds - is made from ice blocks taken from the River Turn-Elv.

At different times,a variety of events - exhibitions, presentations, parties. However, the greatest impact on world fame Icehotel as a brand was the cooperation with Absolut vodka.

In preparation for the season 2016/2017 the most eminent designers, architects and artists of Sweden were involved.

Johan and Nina Kauppi designed a suite called Blue Houses. In this issue, figures of houses with illumination are made of matte sections of ice.

Viktor Tsarsky and Wouter Biegelaar created a whole composition of geometric stalagmites for their suite called Crystal Forest.

Tommy Alatalo designed his suite Do not Get Lost with textural ornaments in the form of labyrinths from children's books.

Designers Kestutis and Vytautas Musteikis were inspired by the same name by Gustav Klimt when creating their Kiss suite.

Luc Voisin and Mathieu Brison, creating Once Upon A Time, immersed themselves in the history of art deco.

Annasofia Maag and Sofi Ruotsalainen offer to choose a suitable mustache and fall asleep in an environment of ice cacti. The suite that they developed is called Pick Your Mustache.

Luca Roncoroni created the suite Victorian Apartment, whose name fully conveys the essence of the idea.

Lena Kristrom, designing her Twitter suite, decided to touch on the hot topic of craze social networks.

Marjolein Vonk and Maurizio Perron for their Wishful Thinking Suite came up with a whole story about the fisherman and the moon.

Tjasa Gusfors and Patrick Dallard created an unexpected composition with two dancers frozen in ice. Dancers In The Dark produce a double impression, but no one is left indifferent.

Alex Haw and Aditya Bhatt built an icy staircase for their Dreamscape suite.

The simple and symbolic idea of ​​Francisco Cortes Zamudio, called Flow, is most appealing to the minimalists.

Julia Gamborg Nielsen and Lotta Lampa during the creation of their Hydro Smack suite turned to the topic of the sea depths.

Nina and Magnus Hedman picked up the sea idea and developed it to homeric mermaids-bodybuilders in the Mermaid Fitness suite. The artwork of Benny Ekman has always been permeated with the theme of angels, so no one was surprised at his Suite Living With Angels.