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When people have hobbies and hobbies, it isable to reflect even their home. How a bathroom-cabinet, a deck, furniture from flea markets and a huge clock instead of a mirror appeared here - we will tell in our article When people have hobbies and hobbies, they, of course, always have something to do with their time. And it also gives a huge advantage in home decoration and decoration. Each room in such a dwelling reflects the dreams of its owner. This house is now run by a dad, a mom, a 14-year-old boy and a 10-year-old girl. And also the dog adored by all. The studio SM-Home worked on the home of a large family. Yulia Likhova, designer-decorator Art-director of the architectural and construction company SM-Home

Customers' wishes

Life of the whole family as a whole and of each of its members in thethe individual is full of bright events, is very active, it has many desires and aspirations. The boy is keen on sports, snowboarding. And the girl is engaged in addition to school lessons in acting, dancing, studying the history of the theater. In the interior it was necessary to combine the interests of allfamily members and pay attention to each one individually. Therefore, the house became in a sense a projection of their hobbies. Of course, he is not deprived of comfort - here he rests perfectly after a busy day.

Features of the layout

It was necessary to take into account a lot of factors wheninterior layout. Here, too, the basis was, of course, everyone's personal preferences. So, for example, a separate place was provided for school friends and girlfriends who come to the children quite often. In the boy's room, part of the ceiling height was “eaten away” by the dressing room. Here we managed to do something like the secondfloors. At the same time, it successfully imitates the deck in a room decorated in a nautical style. Yulia Likhova, decorator: - At the same time, the second floor has a wonderful play area where you can scatter all your toys. “You haven't put away your toys again?” - the boy won't hear this phrase, mom is happy, there is no mess in the main zone, and the second floor is a personal space where the child is allowed to do whatever. In the girl's room, a bay window was set aside for an extra bed. A trapezoidal sofa with a small secret has successfully stood in it. It has drawers for toys and books.

Color solution

The colors were chosen again, taking into account the wishes of all members of the family. As a result, girls flutter from flower to flower with bright butterflies, and the boy's room resembles a ship's deck. The bedroom of the parents is solved a little more traditionally: in chocolate-coffee shades, all colors are muffled. Even the frames above the bed head were manually decorated in the basic color scheme. But here there was also space for non-standardsolutions. So, the mannequin was decorated by hand sheet music purchased in flea markets in Europe. And the old bench in the bay was dragged by a new, more suitable cloth.

Made to order

Something was chosen in Moscow's salons, somethingordered directly in factories, and some items (for example, a bench in the parents' bedroom) were taken from flea markets. Something, for example, doors, was ordered on an individual project from local manufacturers. Separate attention in the house deserves ... bathrooms.Children's tiles were chosen as a background. The main emphasis in the room is made on hand painting. Fish, rays, seahorses filled the walls with their decorative, ornate patterns. Guest bathroom on the first floor got a comicthe name "cabinet". So it happened, because in its design they used not tile tiles, but buisere panels, wallpaper on the walls, elegantly arranged books of a hundred years ago and a magnifying glass with a leather handle. All this lies on an openwork table, which was originally a completely different color. But the ceiling of this room is decorated with a paint of uneven color and the original ventilation grilles used in Spain, which in fact are nothing more than a "peephole" of the door. The hall of the house is no less unique. It was assumed that the spirit and emotionality of this place could "move" a person somewhere on the streets of old Italy, with ancient bricks, uneven plaster and paving stones on the pavement. And of course, on the streets of Italy, it is more likely to see a clock than a mirror. So here also there were meter clocks on a place of a mirror. There are also old, shabby suitcases, andpaintings, set against the wall, which their author will offer to passing tourists or just curious ... And the kitchen, dining room and living room are combined into a common area. In the kitchen there is an island with a sink placed on it. But the main decoration of the kitchen is not the island, but the painting, which was developed and applied by hand by artists. However, now all this is no longer so important: the house is being sold and is looking for understanding and caring owners.