The largest pre-New Year's selection of tips: how, what, where and why


The most important holiday is about to begin. On this occasion, we gathered for you in one material at once all the advice that we could find. Here and master classes, and "homemade", and advice from the stars Already next week we are waiting for the battle of the chimes and the solemn speech of the President, and if you have not yet reached the magic box with decorations, today is the last chance to do it.

Well, not the last one

But we very much advise you to do preparationsTo the main and the very first (or last, as you like) holiday of the next year just today. Especially for this occasion we have collected the most detailed collection of materials for the preparation, decoration, decoration and comprehensively pleasant pastime in the company of multi-colored balls, garlands and coniferous plants. So.


Where does any serious business begin? Right!From the plan. You are probably a master at making long and detailed plans, we love that so much. Therefore, we take with you a sheet of paper, your favorite pen, etc.

Decorating the windows

There is a list, it's time to get down to business.Let's start with the lightest and most demonstrative - with windows. We found (actually more), from trivial paper snowflakes that even the smallest and so far inept member of your family can carve, to complex compositions that may take an entire evening.

Decorating rooms

Moving on -,, and. Fans can.And if the weather outside the window did not please you with fluffy flakes and long-awaited snowdrifts, you can always interior yourself. Are you confused and do not know what to grab onto? Here you are, just a few steps - and you are ready for the holiday.

Forest (and not only) beauty

We take on the most important thing - decorating the tree.There are a lot of options here. You can have a Christmas tree. And even . It is also possible to build a collection of toys by common efforts. You can disperse everyone and make it yourself for the tree. Opinion of the editorial staff: - The mods this year have two actual options for decorating the tree - in the color of tiffany (the fashionable shade of the outgoing season) and in the color of marsala (the color of 2015 according to Pantone). You can use and stylishly decorate not only the Christmas tree, but also the study, the dining room and the nursery. is also possible. If you don't trust your own hands, he will teach you everything. Yes! And don't forget


Do you still not know how you will decorate the festive table? And we already know.


Does the house sparkle and shine? It's time to go for and, of course, for gifts. We have already figured out for you what you can give,, and. Do not forget Opinion of the Editorial Board: - Especially sensitive keeper of the hearth will have to taste the "eternal" soap with a gentle name Amanda, for a second relieves of unpleasant kitchen odors. Soap is cast from a special metal and can become part of the dowry of the future progeny of the hostess.


Well, we worked for the glory. It's time to rest, meditate with Does the weather outside the windows inspire you to do great things?Take a look at Instagram and marvel at the invention of those whose names are heard around the world. it is quite possible to adopt.,,,,,,