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Wi-Fi for a country house: how to properly equip a network


The need to organize a separateInternet connections in a country house and its sharing by all devices in the home Wi-Fi network can arise to solve a variety of problems. For example, for a video surveillance system and the creation of a single information space, the Svoye Space Design Studio with IT expert Vitaly Krikov continues to cover the issues of building a Wi-Fi network for a country house. The first part of the large material can be read. Using the example of a real project for installing a video surveillance system, experts told how to stay online hundreds of kilometers from a large city. Vitaly Krikov, Svoye Vostochny An IT expert at a design studio that has existed for over 15 years. In it, you can order a design project for a country house or apartment with a projected local network. Selection and adjustment of equipment can also be carried out by the company's specialists. The customer wanted to get access to viewing video from cameras, the issue of remote viewing seemed especially relevant. During the discussion, it was decided to expand the project to organize a local network to unite all home devices into a single information space. This solution allowed the customer to save on mobile traffic in the home Wi-Fi network and made it possible to centrally store and use data. It was necessary to combine:

  • Stationary computer with a large monitor;
  • Peripherals - printer and scanner. Previously, they were used only from a desktop computer, now it was envisaged to share it from any device connected to the local network;
  • Storage. It became a single center for storing the family digital archive and all the necessary documents with the possibility of exchange between users;
  • Modern TV and game console. They became networked, as was supposed by their producers;
  • A video surveillance system with the possibility of remote access.
  • For maximum performancehome network, it was decided to build it on wired segments, and to organize Wi-Fi, use seamless roaming technology. Thus, a truly modern local network was designed, capable of serving for quite a long time without the need for modernization. The repairs that took place at that time in the house made it possible to lay all the necessary connections without unnecessary problems. Vitaly Krikov, "Own Space": —If your apartment or country house is being renovated, make a project of a local network - this will help you avoid problems in the future. Why was it so important to use seamlessWi-Fi roaming? The meaning of this technology lies in the fact that devices connected to a wireless network will not lose connection when moving around the house: the controller evaluates the signal strength and, if necessary, switches the devices to a more suitable access point. The house is brick, the floors between the floors are reinforced concrete, so it is impossible to find a place where a Wi-Fi router will provide all premises with a high-speed network. Installing multiple Wi-Fi repeaters would solve the coverage problem, but the speed loss would be very large. Even one Wi-Fi repeater can reduce the overall network speed, and in our project we had to use several of them. Using PowerLine adapters could only connect wired devices, not Wi-Fi. You can read about the most effective ways to amplify a signal. Vitaly Krikov, “Svoe Space”: - All users of the local network had to get access to the Internet. In our case, for the organization of the Internet connection, it was decided to use the mobile network as the only solution available today. At the same time, they provided for the possibility of reorienting to any other connection. To create an Internet connection through a cellular network, you need:

  • SIM card of the selected operator;
  • USB-modem;
  • External antenna;
  • Assembly kit for integration into a common system.
  • For what a SIM card and a modem are needed -Explanation requires the use of an external antenna. Its main purpose is to amplify the signal. And without it, there are places in the house where you can get a sufficient signal, but when using an external antenna permanently installed in the open space, the reception will always be better. Also, the antenna acts as a "shor" for the modem, preventing its switching between base stations, which is accompanied by a disconnection of the connection. Stationary installation dictates some conditionsuse. Our planned home network requires the organization of a "communication center" - a place where all wired segments will be brought together and where a device will be installed that will unite everything into a common structure. The communication center does not have to be in the same place as the kit providing the Internet connection, but it is necessary to link them together. Vitaly Krikov, “Own Space”: - Now we offer a huge number of ready-made kits for connecting to the Internet. Why didn't we use them? They didn't suit us. At all. Such kits do not provide for the level of integration into the local network that we need. The antenna connection method, the Wi-Fi signal level and the need to use Wi-Fi repeaters to expand the reception area - all this did not suit us, and the price of such a kit did not allow us to put up with these shortcomings. The place of the planned installation must be located in4G coverage area. You can check this on the official websites of mobile operators. The tariff for a suitable operator must be chosen very carefully, paying attention to the traffic volume and speed. Everything matters, even at what time of day the "unlimited" tariff is valid. Vitaly Krikov, "Own Space": - You can also ask your neighbors. If you hear complaints about the inability to get through or that conversations are often interrupted, most likely, the base station of this operator is very busy and you will not be able to get a normal connection. Unfortunately, only in practice is it possible to check the change in the speed of the Internet connection depending on the time of day and day of the week. But with the help of a special program for a smartphone, you can measure the signal level of the base station, determine in which direction it is located relative to the planned installation site, and most importantly, check the connection itself. The modem must work with the selected operatorcellular communication in 4G standard and be sure to be able to connect to an external antenna. The MiMo technology must be present - this means that the modem must have two connectors. It is desirable that he be able to fix the operating mode. By specifying the "LTE only" mode, you can prevent switching to other, slower communication standards. The antenna must also have MiMo technology - that is, the ability to increase the channel bandwidth. Such an antenna is connected using two connectors, and they must be suitable for the selected modem. Vitaly Krikov, “Own Space”: - Our smartphone with a SIM-card was able to establish an Internet connection in the house, which made it possible to make a choice in favor of the panel antenna type. It is easy to install and configure and provides sufficient signal gain. Self-assembly and installation of this setshouldn't cause problems. To orient the antenna to the base station, it is best to use the program that comes with the modem. To do this, you need to connect the modem to a computer or other suitable device and, slowly moving the antenna in a horizontal plane, select the position at which the signal will be maximum. That's it: an internet connection has been received and will be used on our network. Vitaly Krikov, "Own Space": - The result is a structure that connects to a router or computer via a USB cable. It should be borne in mind that the length of such a wire is limited, it should not exceed 7 meters. A short wire connecting the antenna to the modem will reduce signal loss during transmission, which is why we chose an antenna with a sealed box for the modem. Obviously, in addition to the antenna design, the installation location also matters. If it is installed on a mast, be sure to take into account that such an antenna is in the shape of a square: the resulting windage must be taken into account. After the Internet connection is established,you need to make it available to all devices on your home network. This requires a router. There are a lot of them in any electronics store, but to organize seamless Wi-Fi roaming, you need to use semi-professional and professional equipment, the prices for which are higher, and the choice is much less. It is worth paying attention to an all-weather router with POE. With this technology, power is supplied through the same UTP wire that connects it to the local network. All-weather provides for outdoor operation in our climatic zone. This is important, since its installation location is the mast next to the antenna. Such a router solves the following tasks:

    • The WiFi-access point forms a wireless coverage area on the site near the house.
    • The use of POE technology virtually eliminates the restriction on the length of the connection. UTP-cable can be up to 100 meters - this is clearly enough.
    • The speed of the 1Gb wired interface is currently the highest for residential networks. It will provide comfortable work in the local network.
    • The ability to organize seamless Wi-Fi.

    It remains to arrange a communication center at home.Having chosen a simple and reliable switch to connect our wired segments, we combine the entire network into a single space. Now any device connected to the network will be able to use the Internet connection and access all internal resources. There is always the possibility of expanding the Wi-Fi zone inside the house. Finding wired access points that are compatible with your router is not a problem. With this approach, the speed of the wireless connection will remain high in any part of the house. The number of points depends on the need. And it is always better to have a reserve, which can be used, by the way, not only for the local network. Telephone, intercom, alarm - the need can be very different. This is an example of building a modern local area network,which makes it possible to combine wired and wireless technologies. It is suitable for both a country house and an office. You can use it as a template for your solution - of course, if you have some knowledge in this area. Vitaly Krikov, "Own Space": - Naturally, it is interesting to know the budget. Less than 50,000 rubles were allocated for the full implementation of this project with four access points. Is it expensive or not? Depends on how important the tasks that the organization of a local network in the house can solve for a particular family.