10 reasons to change your attitude to the gray color in the interior

Tired of the fact that the beige is the only one (andBoring) a universal option for a neutral interior? We will prove that you have at least 10 reasons to prefer gray - fashionable, interesting and very beautiful color. In the fashion world, every season, some color is declared a "new black", meaning universality, but in the interior design the beige for a long time confidently takes a position Shade that fits all. In practice, this is a safe choice, which is made of the desire to avoid mistakes. But to live without experiments is boring. Gray is more difficult to handle, but the result is literally fascinating. Gray in the interior is now so popular that the famous English wallpaper and painter Little Greene, which has been working since 1773, recently released a separate palette of 28 of its shades - and none you will call dull. At the heart of the collection are 4 basic tones and 7 intensity variations of each, the lightest ones are reminiscent of ashes and ivory, dark ones are about chocolate and soot. There is also an exotic, like the color of the skin of a toad or dolphin. At the same time, the company uses 40 percent more pigment in production than others, which provides durability and special saturation. In Russia, paint can be purchased in a chain of stores. Alexey Eliseev, head and co-owner of the networkStores Manders: - The popularity of gray color has come to the interior design from the world of fashion. It is interesting that now it is increasingly giving preference to its cool shades and their spectacular combination with white decor. Also, the demand for gray paints for decorating kitchens has increased, where they used to choose warm beige tones.

Gray is combined with any color

This effect scientists call simultaneousBy contrast, gray separates the color next to it, leaving in the background and not causing satiety. Active tones, such as red, lose near to it obsession and aggressiveness. Cold blue and green look nobler and more interesting. The combination with warm neutral shades, like beige, makes the interior complete and balanced. Unexpected and successful option - a combination, energetic and fresh.

Gray color is practical

Gray color is not as fine as white and beige. There are no prints or scratches on it, like on black. It does not burn out like bright colors. All this makes it suitable for painting kitchen fronts and use in work areas, such as offices and workshops.

Gray - perfect background

When Little Greene commissioned the designThe restored picture gallery in Manchester, it was gray that was chosen as the optimal background for the display of all kinds of art - from sculpture to photography. The paints were chosen by the curators of the museum, depending on the lighting of each particular room and the features of the expositions. For example, the walls of the portrait gallery are painted with a touch of lead. The main hall combines different colors of soothing gray-green.

Gray color soothes

Yes, it's a passive shade that can beOppressive for melancholic. But it "ground" people who live at a fast pace and who work until they lose their strength. Gray returns contact with the current moment, comforts and cools the hot head. In the interior, it evokes a sense of calm, serenity and stability - just choose the color that suits your and lifestyle.

Gray is diverse and dynamic

Gray varies with lighting andEnvironment. It can be unobtrusive and saturated, warm and cold. Natural light helps it to be easier and visually to increase space, a bright artificial light can brighten a couple of shades. But remember that gray in itself - the color of twilight and shadow, without lighting it disappears. Our opinion: - Light gray floor, for example, can make visually more spacious room, cluttered furniture. And the gray walls are cooled - in a hot summer in such a room you will be cool and comfortable. If, on the contrary, you want to create a warmer space - choose rough loose textures and shades of paint, which are based on a red and brown pigment.

Gray noble

Just remember the shades of pearls, silver and steel. Sometimes it's worth adding a little shine, and no one will call your interior "ordinary", the epithets that you will hear - strong and elegant. Gray is unobtrusive, but unlike beige, which is often just invisible against the background of other colors, remains in the perception field of the viewer and does not lose its individuality. Bonus: furniture made in gray, it seems more expensive than white, black or beige.

Gray fits into different styles

High-tech, loft and minimalism are the most obviousOptions. But it is worth softening the steel to ashy and replacing the smooth textures with loose ones - gray works and in cozy rustic interiors. A lot of materials associated with industrial and urban design have gray shades - chrome, concrete, cement. But fluffy fur, expressive old wood and soft fabrics also look great in gray. Classics will go pearl tone, and oriental style - gray-blue scale.

Gray is good in different rooms

Even in children's gray combined with brightDetails will create a more solid and adult atmosphere, and this is excellent for a room that is equipped "for growth". In the kitchen, gray will emphasize the freshness and purity. In the bedroom quickly calms down and makes it easier to fall asleep. In the office or office will create a serious, businesslike atmosphere.

Gray is in fashion

You can believe these paints manufacturers: Caught up with the beige - if not overtaken. The growing interest in the Scandinavian interior design will undoubtedly lead to a further increase in its demand - the combination of gray, black and white has become one of the brand-new techniques of this style. Another reason - the stress of urban life requires calm and calming tone. Angela Fawcett, PR Manager at Little Greene, says: "At first we just wanted to create one perfect gray shade. But after studying the market, they realized that this will be not enough and they have conceived a whole collection. "

There is always a suitable shade of gray

In gray is much more colored pigments thanIt seems, therefore, there is always a suitable shade for your purposes. Excellent options are available for light and dark rooms, northern and southern, large and small, interiors filled with black and white photographs or orange textiles. One tip - be sure to buy a paint sample and look at the sample under different lighting conditions. Alexey Eliseev, head and co-owner of the Manders chain of stores: - At the heart of the Gray Greene collection are four pigment tones - green, yellow, red and brown. Thanks to this, having determined which group a particular shade belongs to, it is easy to understand how it will be combined with the rest of the interior. It's just necessary to apply a sample to the selected surface - and everything will become clear. Our opinion: - For example, in the basis of a shade of "urban gray" (Urbane Gray) - a green pigment, therefore it favorably combines with blue tones. The color "Dolphin" (Dolphin) is based on the red pigment, which means it is good near the pink one. Be sure to pay attention to the shade base, so as not to miss, inscribing it into the interior.,,