10 types of ceiling finishes: for any room and style

The ceiling is an integral part of yourInterior. The ceiling can be both an invisible background and a bright decoration of the house. In our article - the most unusual examples of ceiling design and different opinions of designers Ceiling - one of the most important parts of the room, which catches your eye as soon as you enter the room. But in most cases we do not experiment with the ceiling and leave it a neutral spot, complementing the interior. We suggest that you take a broader look at the ceiling design with the help of professional comments.

1. Wallpaper

One of many options for decorating the ceiling -Pasting it with wallpaper. They can be either in the tone of the walls or in contrast with them. By the way, wallpaper with a print will hide the unevenness of the ceiling, but if you choose a monophonic wallpaper, then the ceiling should be perfectly flat. You can choose such a more daring version of the ceiling design wallpaper, like wallpaper. They can be the accent of the whole design project, and the addition and continuation of the chosen style.

2. Stretch ceiling with light

. But, according to designers, stretch ceilingsCan be an excellent complement to the interior, if you use a matte white ceiling with hidden backlight. Stanislav Orekhov, interior designer: - This design option not only hides the flaws of the ceiling and makes it possible not to level it, but also creates the illusion of soft scattered daylight.

3. Map: geography, stellar sky ...

An unusual solution for creating a ceiling is a map: a geographical map, a political map, or a map of the sky. Any of these will be an unexpected and useful element in the room, especially for children.

4. Tile, mosaic

If you like the medieval style, decorateThe ceiling can be used with a mosaic. Choose a pattern suitable for your interior and order a mosaic. This design of the ceiling creates a sense of chic and brings the most real art into everyday life.

5. Wooden ceiling and exposed beams

Etchikol in the interior in recent years is gainingPopularity with enviable speed. One of the most significant elements of this style is a wooden ceiling or wooden beams that take us to a country house in the mountains of Switzerland. If your house has preserved wooden beams, then they can be made a real art object, accentuating their attention. Anastasia Kasparian, architect, head of the Golden Heads Bureau: - One of the most unusual solutions of the project may be the idea of ​​disclosing and demonstrating old wooden beams on the ceiling. They need to be cleaned, processed, and they perfectly complete the image of the modern interpretation of the historic interior.

6. Mirror

A very bold decision will be a mirror ceiling - it expands the space, visually increases the height of the ceiling and lets a lot of light into the room.

7. Multi-level

If your soul requires something moreCompound than the color of the ceiling, then we suggest that you consider the option of modern multi-level ceilings. Together with the designer you can develop an individual shape and outline of the ceiling, which can become corrective for the whole space. For example, several levels allow you to distribute the light as it will be more comfortable in this room, so this ceiling is perfect for any premises in both modern and classic style. Ilya Starostin, the head of AstartaDecor: - The technology for creating multi-level designs with RGB-backlighting is simple and convenient. First, modern equipment makes it possible to implement any form and perforation according to the design project, and the finished fasteners reduce the process of installing such a ceiling three times.

8. Loft

The ceiling in the loft style is the effect of an untreatedCeiling: concrete, brick or open communication pipes. Here everything should create the feeling that you are not in your apartment, but in a former manufactory room, which has now become a fashionable creative space. For a long time, such options were relevant for public spaces, but today this fashion is also characteristic of private premises.

9. Graffiti

Graffiti in the interior came with the advent of styleKitsch, which is characterized by protest and bright accents, mainly due to an unexpected mixture of styles. Today graffiti finds its expression not only on the streets, but also perfectly complements the interiors of the most unusual apartments and houses.

10. Architectural forms

If the space of your interior allows, thenThe ceiling can be made using absolutely incredible designs and shapes. Such solutions are inherent in futuristic interiors, and the most common materials for its implementation are plywood, polyurethane foam, plasterboard or gypsum. Of course, such solutions are impossible without the participation of a designer or an architect, as well as a professional contractor who is ready to correctly calculate everything, design and assemble. The price for such decisions will be, accordingly, high. However, the fact that such a ceiling will give your interior individuality and author's chic, you can be sure! Stanislav Orekhov, interior designer: - In one of the recent projects, the customer has set us the task of creating an apartment with a wow effect. Therefore, we designed the original designs, which gave the interior a crazy plasticity and an incredible shape. The walls and ceiling here are finished with complex constructions from a gypsum mixture. And in some places such effect is created due to competently draped fabric. Elena Krylova, designer of elite interiors: - In the apartment of showman Bari Alibasov, our task was to break the traditional view of "floor-ceiling-walls" and tie everything together. This was due to the original art object. On the functional side, it hides the load-bearing beam. From the point of view of the visual effect, it is similar to the fungus of a nuclear explosion, demonstrating the idea of ​​leaving the eco-terrier, and at the same time fulfilling the function of refraction of space. This object was carried out by special patterns and mounted on the spot from a multitude of parts. And RGB-backlighting makes it possible to turn the living room into a real room for parties. Thus, choosing a ceiling for your interior, pay attention to several rules:

  • First of all, decide on the budget. Depending on it, you can choose the appropriate option. The most budget option is wallpaper. The most expensive is the author's architectural ceiling.
  • An important factor is the height of the ceiling. Any suspended structures require the installation of special profiles, which "eats" space. Therefore, if the ceilings in your house are low, you will have to refuse complex decisions.
  • And most importantly - do not be afraid to experiment. Ask for advice to designers, and they will help you in the simplest ways to create an original solution on your ceiling!