Where to store things: 30 brilliant ideas for any interior

When things get too much, the beautyThe interior behind them is completely invisible. Get rid of everything and give up worldly goods? Not necessarily - just please try our best advice on storage for any room if you have a lot of things, we do not encourage you to immediately bring them to the trash, maybe it all you really need. But here to approach to business with mind and to study precisely costs - you learn a lot of new and interesting. Let's go through all the rooms.


One of the smallest rooms in the apartment, andSo much that create so much confusion: cosmetic and bath accessories, everything for washing, clothes at last. Fortunately, there are every day, and we are happy to collect them for you - pay attention, for example, to a very fashionable way of using a wooden ladder for storing towels.

Living room

A room where order is especially important, because to strikeIn the mud the person before the guests does not want anyone. At the same time, you need to place there from the TV set to the fireplace and, of course, all things necessary for recreation: books, magazines, music CDs. There are several universal ways, suitable for any style of interior. One of them is the use of baskets, the most neutral and beautiful - wicker. Hide there everything that is not intended for other people's eyes. Another universal device - open shelvesDifferent configurations and at different heights: below - for storing magazines, at eye level - for photographs and souvenirs, you can put it higher. This is a way of demonstrating what you are proud of - let everyone pay attention to your beautiful library of fiction or cups for winning competitions.


Clothing, footwear and jewelry - these are the mainThe culprits of the disorder in the bedroom. In fact, after thinking carefully, it is here that you can find a lot, except for specially designed cabinets and chests. For example . At the same time, carefully think over the places - the malefactors are looking for them in the bedroom first. Genuine ways of storing clothes and weInfinitely many. How do you like to hang clothes hangers with clothes on a branch that is fastened under the ceiling? Ornaments will also look great on a living or artificial tree. And beautiful can perfectly decorate a door or a wall.


Proper storage in the kitchen is vitalnecessity. If you do not find an angle for, seasonings and trivia - there will be no free space for food and cooking. We have already written about its arrangement and write more than once, especially because there are many themes and subtleties, and the approach to storing utensils differs from the ways of handling and filling them. The main brilliant idea here is the convenience and functionality of solutions. Learn the behavior in the kitchen - your own and your household. Where things constantly get in the way, and in which corners do you forget about them, is it simply to reach from the sink to the towel, from the table to the shelf, where salt and pepper lie, do you use all the surfaces properly? Look at our article about and start optimizing.

Entrance hall

Clutter in other rooms can pretty wellAnnoying, but the chaos in the hallway may cost you a delay in your work or on a date. If you can not find the keys or remember where they put the hat - it's time to do something. Even the most uncomfortable and can be made more roomy. Pay special attention to the competent - do not get rid of your favorite shoes, even if they are already more than a hundred.


The order in the nursery - is this really in principle? Seriously approaching the storage of things will help you the idea that in this way you can bring up in the child an organization that is surely useful to him in the future. A special issue - and how to organize them is convenient for the baby and parents. Try to turn cleaning into a creative process.

Home Office

Just do not write off everything on the creativeDisorder. Organize your workplace adequately to your needs and opportunities and keep it in order. For example, you can hide everything you need in cabinets with a lot of boxes - we are talking about one such project. Approach to keeping the things you need for work and in general is an investment in your success, and the systematization of your craft tools will help to work faster.


If a wardrobe appears in the house, it seems thatAll storage problems are solved. Relaxing, the hosts fill it to the brim and more. Is not it better to think it over in advance? There is a mass of auxiliary equipment making it more convenient - holders for ties and scarves, dividers for drawers, trousers. It is worth to think about what things you wear more often, what is wasted in vain, hidden in the depths, what you would like to keep in mind and what to hide, and create your own


Utility rooms come to the rescue when everythingPossible for storage in residential already done. Just do not turn them into a scrap heap of construction materials and household chemicals. Garage - an organic place for organizing a mini-workshop or a small creative studio. Make it beautiful and functional using. We recommend a very convenient storage tool in the garage - a plywood or metal perforated board.

Country house

Storage outside the city is complicated, for example,The need to take into account the temperature and weather conditions. And somewhere else you need to save the harvest, seedlings, tools, seeds. Take into account all the experience accumulated in the city and make the rest calm and pleasant, with everything you need at your fingertips. For example, equip vegetables and supplies with special ventilated wooden boxes and shelves, and do not forget them in the basement. Find non-standard is not difficult.