10 great interiors with big clocks -


Are you fed up with exotic elements and unusual decor techniques? We propose to pay attention to one more trend - a large clock in the interior

We did not begin to attach importance to time.Yesterday, however, this is not reflected on the interior infrequently. The trend for huge hours in the interior comes and goes, each time being conditioned by new causes. The economic crisis has made its own adjustments to our tastes and preferences, forcing us to turn back to eternal values ​​buried under the dust of centuries. How does it work with huge time counters? First of all, this trend is associated with the disappearance of the clock towers from the streets of cities. You and I often want to return the former carefree time (at least in the memory the past is printed most often in this characteristic), and since there are fewer reminders about this very thing on the streets, we try to bring them into the interior.

Steampunk is winning more and more fans. No, there is no need to look for a place for a steam engine, but the ability to see beauty in rust and peeling paint is useful to you.

Where to get such a watch? There are a lot of options. And it's not necessary to have a connection in the government. For example, this kind of items - true, without clockwork - can be ordered from the cabinet maker.

A large clock with traces of exploitation will perfectly fit into the interior in the style of industrial eclecticism.

For such a variant of the clock, even a specialist will not be needed, you will easily manage yourself.

Pay attention to how the "collapsing" curbstone from an old wooden box for oranges and completely new chrome accessories look organically.

This interior can be called eclectic and even slightly aggressive, but thanks to a light background it leaves an impression of purity and airiness.

Shebbie chic - this is the rare case when antiques can be mixed with "shabby" country and get a result in which it will be comfortable even for a convinced urbanist.

And you can also draw the hours.

Even a wall clock should be selected with an eye for the rest of the interior. Or at least its color design. I would like to end by saying that in everything you need to know the measure, but just look how great the nine wall clocks look at just a few square meters.