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Renovation in the style of "Die Hard": bright apartment of Bruce Willis


Three bedrooms, cream walls, bedroom setsDark wood and minimal decor ... No, this is not a Russian treshka, it's a newly renovated apartment of Bruce Willis with a view of Central Park in New York. The renovation of Bruce Willis' new apartment took almost two years. And finally, we saw the result. Who would have thought that one of the most famous and attractive men of the world would decide on such a modest in Hollywood standards interior. Star of militants together with his wife Emma Hemming(Emma Heming) decided to move after the birth of the second child. The new property met the family with spacious rooms and huge windows overlooking the Central Park. Interior of the spouse decided to perform in neutral,Milky creamy shades. To contrast, added dark window frames, wooden floors and some pieces of furniture. In an environment dominated by the forms of the 60-ies, but there are several relevant for recent years, nuances. As for the layout, it is quite traditional. There are three bedrooms, three bathrooms, a large kitchen and a spacious public area, where the living room and dining room are connected.

On a note:

  • If you, as well as the family of the Willis,Was lucky enough to have a large living room, use the example of this interior and equip two public areas at once - a sofa with a TV and a small corner for intimate conversations with a coffee table and a pair of armchairs.
  • In a minimalistic interior with a built-inIllumination of the most spectacular all will make zoning with the help of lighting. Whether it's an original ceiling lamp like Bruce Willis, or a floor lamp - it's up to you.
  • Unfortunately, many solid wood furniture from manyOf us is associated with the glorious Soviet past and similar interiors. However, look how organic the texture of the tree looks against the background of an absolutely white bedroom.
  • If you are confused by the long-term trend of white decor, take a look at this interior, how harmoniously light walls are diluted here with the most usual shade of wood. The key point is not to overdo it.
  • A minimum of decor can be more than compensated with lamps of complex shapes and non-standard furniture. The main thing is that they all be selected in the same style.