10 things for your first apartment, which you need to do yourself


How to make your apartment beautiful and cozydo it yourself and at the same time save money? We have prepared some practical tips for arranging your own home without the help of outside experts. You have purchased your first apartment. It is necessary to make repairs, buy furniture. But funds, as always, are not enough. Fashion catalogs, publications in interior trade publications, reality shows on TV - literally everyone around is talking about how to quickly and inexpensively turn an apartment into an example of design art. But you and I know that this is not at all as easy as it seems. In addition, you don't want to chase a changeable fashion at all. In fact, each of us wants to live in a truly cozy and very beloved apartment. How can you achieve such an effect and not get into a home repair loan? Let's look at a few simple and straightforward options to implement. Let your first apartment be your personal design pride. And we will help you with this.


We advise, without further ado, paint the walls inany of the tones of the pastel palette. White is also possible if you have a clear concept of the future apartment. The color of baked milk, pearl, mint, caramel pink, is well suited. Before painting, prepare the walls, smooth out the irregularities (if they are not part of the idea), apply a base under the paint. After painting, apply a so-called fixative to the walls. It will help you avoid frequent stains and brighten the paint.


The best option for arranging the firstapartments are inherited and independently restored furniture. In this case, you can safely claim the style of Provence, Art Nouveau or minimalism. There is nothing difficult in restoring furniture. You only spend money on varnish, paint, and possibly new hardware. It is not difficult to get old furniture for restoration. Maybe you even have one in your country house or at furniture sales. In Europe, furniture flea markets are very fashionable, where you can buy an old thing in good condition for an inexpensive price. How did you make a light, pleasant and beautiful piece of classic interior out of an old, heavy and not very beautiful chest of drawers? 1. The fittings were removed during the restoration. 2. Cleaned from old varnish and degreased. The entire area of ​​the chest of drawers was wiped first with a solvent, then with an alcohol-based disinfectant and finally sanded with very fine sandpaper (you can use a very fine cutter if you know how to handle it). The prepared surface was covered with a base for paint. 3. Pieces of washable wallpaper were glued inside the boxes on a very dense backing. 4. The entire area of ​​the chest of drawers was covered with white paint, except for the top lid, which was re-coated with a dense brown varnish. 5. After drying, the chest of drawers was covered with clear varnish. 6. Replaced the cleaned and renewed fittings. The result is a very beautiful thing that will decorate any interior.

Lamps, lamps

A lamp or chandelier made by myself will beyour favorite piece of interior for a very long time. In addition, when creating your project, you can think over the design of lamps and lamps yourself, and this is a very pleasant bonus. In the case of the lamp we took as an example,there will be enough work for both husband and wife. The fabric base must be made of cotton or silk, you can use chiffon. Paint the frame with black varnish, or first with black paint, and then with varnish. Check out a few more options for interesting handmade lamps.


Various kinds of rugs, carpets, floor coverings,made with their own hands, give comfort even to the most minimalistically decorated room. Making the most simple carpet with your own hands is easy. You can use a wide variety of materials, starting with multi-colored yarn and ending with make-up sponges painted in different shades (yes, and it happens).


We have chosen several options for easy-to-make shelves. Pay attention - it will take a minimum of details, and the shelves look really stylish.


To complement the picture will help beautiful decor. Things made by themselves are the style and character of your future home. And no matter how artistically these things are made. Look at the selection we made for you.

5 ideas for apartment arrangement

Simple, but useful tips

  • In order to hang a curtain, it is not necessary to use boring hooks - take a better rough rope.
  • The router can be hidden behind the decor of an old book. Guests will certainly appreciate your ingenuity.
  • The illusion of fire in the fireplace can be created with the help of several candles.
  • The frame for the photo can be decorated with small twigs.
  • The armchair will look much more beautiful if you sew a cover from a cloth shred.