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9 elements of Scandinavian design that will improve your interior


The best ideas for design and decoration - straight fromScandinavian peninsula. 9 tips in gold weight and 47 stunning interiors in the Scandinavian style Scandinavian interiors are not liked by all. But many tricks and tricks of this style with a clear conscience can be borrowed and applied in a variety of stylistic directions. We have gathered for you 9 elements of Scandinavian design that will improve your interior, regardless of style and decor.

1. Neutral colors

Calm colors are an excellent choice inbackground role for bright accents or contrasting design elements, and as the main color scheme. In addition, neutral colors do not bore you, you do not get tired of them. And they also do not visually clutter up the space, which is especially valuable for rooms.

2. Abundance of light

Scandinavian interiors are literally filledLight, and this technique is excellent for our latitudes with a fairly long winter. Large windows, the absence of curtains (or the ability to easily extend them), reflecting the light of the surface (white, mirror, glossy), many sources of artificial lighting - these are typical elements of the Scandinavian style, helping to fill the room with light.

3. Light wooden floors

The most common floor material inScandinavian interiors are wood. Most often, such wood is either light unpainted, or covered with white paint. Our opinion: - Light wood floor visually adds naturalness and naturalness to the atmosphere. In addition, the wooden floors are warm and pleasant to walk on barefoot.

4. Love for nature

Scandinavian interiors actually exudelove of nature. This is manifested both in the abundance and in the use of natural materials. Leather, skins, wood, wool, cotton - all this is widely used in Scandinavian design, but can be easily borrowed to give any interior comfort and environmental friendliness.

5. Fireplace

It is pleasant to sit by the fireplace on long winter eveningsand read or share the experience of the day with family and friends. Scandinavians are well aware of this, and therefore in their interiors there is often a cozy corner with a fireplace. Our opinion: - Today there are many solutions that allow residents of city apartments to enjoy evenings by the fireplace. The many different options ensure that you find the right fit for any interior.

6. Scandinavian furniture

The distinctive features of Scandinavian furniture arePracticality, rather minimalistic design, simple lines, natural materials. That is why such furniture can easily fit into almost any style of the interior.

7. Notches of elegance

Despite the apparent simplicity of the ScandinavianInteriors, often there is a place for elegant details that do not allow the situation to be boring. It can be a crystal chandelier, golden or silver accents, musical instruments in a conspicuous place, unexpectedly pretentious lamps, stucco molding on the ceiling and much more. This idea of ​​integrating elegant details into the everyday interior can be easily adopted by the Scandinavians.

8. Maximum functionality

Scandinavian interiors - a real guide to the fact,How to use the available space as efficiently as possible. Functional design, competent zoning, interior items with several functions at once - all these are elements of the Scandinavian style, which can be taken to note for arrangement of almost any room.

9. Caring for the environment

Scandinavian style is not only elementsInterior, but also a way of life. In Scandinavian countries, care for the environment is expressed in everyday habits - from saving water to separate collection of garbage. And of course, in the Scandinavian interiors there are a lot of pieces of furniture and decor created from recovered or recycled materials.,,