10 things to see at Moscow Design Week 2014


Melting chair, talking heads, musicallog and hanger-cactus. What else do you need to see at Moscow Design Week 2014? On October 14, the Moscow Design Week design exhibition opened in Moscow. This is one of the most important events in Russian and world design: European and Russian brands come to Moscow every year to determine interior design trends for the next 365 days. The exhibition will run until October 19, and we have prepared for you as many as 10 reasons why you should definitely get to MDW-14.

1. Creative Approaches: an exhibition of Austrian design

11 Austrian brands presented at MoscowDesign Week 2014 is the very thing that Austrian design has to offer to date. "Moving cubes", melting chair, perforated sofa - all this must be seen with your own eyes.

2. Provocative furniture from Gufram

As part of the Design SuperHeroes projectThe most shocking and attractive furniture from the company Gufram. Legendary hanger Cactus, bright sofa Bocca, crazy chair Pratone - all this can be seen, felt, tested on MDW-14.

3. IKEA: Love is waking. Nature wakes

The Swedish company IKEA presented an interactiveThe exposition, in which the brightest novelties of 2014 are involved. In addition, within the stand is equipped with a cozy place for rest - with pufi and entertainment for the youngest.

4. LINA Furniture - designer furniture from Slovenia

Bright, unusual, multifunctional furnitureBright colors conquers from the first second. At Moscow Design Week, you can see and experience The Ball - a composition of four balls with several variants of transformation, which will appeal to both kids and adults. Also presented at the exhibition and an incredible Moon - depending on the combination, this designer furniture can be a padded stool, a sofa, a rocking chair and even a children's play house!

5. Like Lodka - racks from real boats

An old fishing boat, faithfully 15-20 years oldWhich served as the former owner in Indonesia, has now become a stylish designer shelving - and may well take its place in your home! Incredible? Come and see the most real racks at the Moscow Design Week 2014. Alexander Fedotov, organizer and ideologicalThe inspirer of Moscow Design Week: - Despite the hysteria surrounding the relations between Russia and Europe, we managed to hold a real INTERNATIONAL EVENT! It is very important not to close, but to be part of the world design. In Moscow came as eminent Massimo Joza Gini, Alessandro Guriero, Roberto Mora, Sergio Riva, and young people, such as Marie Galoyer. We host exhibitions of Austrian design Creative Approaches and Swiss poster, Venetian Design Week, installation from Alessandro Guerriero and his school of young designers Tam Tam, installations from the Swedish company IKEA and Russian designer Ivan Nyrkov and many other designers from Italy, France and Etc. Within the framework of the People of Design educational project, lectures and master classes are given by leading experts from all over the world. For example, British Design Days from the British Council, lectures on Hospitality Design. In the proportions of approximately equal: 50/50 Russian installations and foreign. Was the plan successful? Yes! We did perfectly well what we planned, and we already came up with a significant part of the content of the next, the sixth Moscow Design Week!

6. Project Light & Bright

A real rest area for everyone who came to theMDW-14. Here you can get comfortable, read, post photos in Instagram and watch amazing styling lamps from Tayga and IM. Wood, ceramics, bricks, knitted lampshades - each lamp is original and unique.

7. Fine Finex Handicrafts

Is the floor of a medieval castle in your house? Finex makes this idea a reality by manufacturing an aged massive and parquet board, modular parquet and artistic oak floors. The star of the exposition is a modular parquet with brass inserts.

8. Speaking Head Designing Heads

Huge four-meter heads are not just statues, but a real interactive installation. Come and chat with them at the Moscow Design Week!

9. Incredible QUID Wallpaper

The novelty, arrived on MDW-14 straight from Italy. Have you ever seen wallpaper with watercolor divorce? A wallpaper with the effect of a kaleidoscope? Come to the exhibition - you will see many more unusual solutions for wall design.

10. Innovative PR-system for designers from Roomble

Our online magazine about design, decor, architectureand interiors Roomble is an information partner of Moscow Design Week. At the exhibition, we present an intelligent system of easy and relaxed promotion for architects, designers, interior brands and other industry professionals. The Roomble logo is designer: its elements seem to float in the air, folding at a certain angle into a chair - part of the logo. This creative element has attracted the attention of designers from the first days of the exhibition. Come see us and add yourself to our system for simple and free PR promotion.

What do MDW-14 visitors say?

I was impressed by the Design SuperHeroes exposition, especially the Cini & Nils fixtures: on the one hand - the simplicity of the forms, on the other - the stunning effect of playing light and shadow.

Alena Mironenko, designer It is worth to go!

Olga Sukhanova, creator and head of the online magazine about beauty, fashion and celebrities I represent author's at Moscow Design WeekA series of light decorative objects for the interior Crevice. At the heart of the concept of luminaires is the image of a dark room in which the door is slightly opened - and light penetrates through the gap. The outer surface is covered with black glaze, which allows the lamps to merge as much as possible with the darkness. LEDs are hidden, and light, reflected from the inner bright white surface, is knocked out - there is the illusion that light comes from nowhere.

Maria Altukhova, designer Most of all I liked the Light Portal-tunnel with the illusion of movement.

Svetlana, visitor of the exhibition All at Moscow Design Week for conceptual pictures! Interesting lecturers, a sea of ​​ideas and inspiration.

Ekaterina, visitor of the exhibition Moscowdesignweek.ru, rdh.ru