10 ways to make a living room your reflection -


Create a beautiful picture is not enough. Once the owner of even the most ingenious interior wants to make a part of himself in the situation. How to do this we will discuss in our article. Start with the living room

In the living room, despite the name, we are not sowe often meet guests, for the most part we spend time here with our family or alone. In contrast to the bedroom, which they try to make as calm and pacifying as possible, the kitchen, where, first of all, it should be convenient to prepare the living room can be anyone. However, we are inclined to think that it is this space that should be equipped in the maximum accordance with our own character. In this case, you, as a host, will always feel the unity with the interior, and any of your guests from the doorway will understand whose house they have come to. 1. Write lists

Every big deal begins with a plan, ourthe case is no exception. Take a sheet of paper and write a list of what you most like in the interiors. Style, shades, the presence or absence of metallic luster, mirrors and open shelves, etc. In the future, relying on this list and without being distracted by trifles, you can successfully go all the way to the last point. 2. Let's start with a simple

You can stop at any point likeonly realize that it's done. That's why we start with the simplest hardware. Handles, hooks and latches on the furniture of your living room should match a single style, ideally your loved one. 3. Looking for a carpet

Floor textiles are more than serious,capable of having a tangible effect on the atmosphere of the premises and the interior in general. The carpet can act as a color accent, linking styles with a link or simply being pleasant to the touch and neutral on the palette. Answer yourself to the question of what exactly you want to achieve and boldly embark on an uneasy process of finding the ideal model. 4. Mix and combine

You have a favorite chair in the bedroom,a charming shelving in the office and a few clay vases in the kitchen. And not so long ago you saw well, just a fantastic vintage globe, which is not a problem with anything. What to do? Gather all together in a place in the living room! 5. We focus on the character

Everything that characterizes you as an individual and canto be expressed in the objective reality has the right to settle in the living room - a favorite book, a pillow embroidered with your hand, part of the geological collection of minerals or a poster from the premiere of your favorite film. 6. Enable the walls

The walls are the best storytellers. However, instead of the usual objects of picturesque or photo art, we recommend to hang on the wall a few "controversial" works that will surely cause questions from the guests. To shock the public in this case is not appropriate, but to open a discussion about the place of art in the life of modern man is quite acceptable. 7. Develop the theme of the walls

Moldings will not go out of fashion in the near futuredecades, we promise you. They can be used for interior decoration of any style. And how many variations of their application exist and not at all. Even in eclecticism, they can find a worthy place and emphasize the courage and originality of the master of the interior. 8. Let's go to the wallpaper

You think that there are really interesting modelsThe wallpaper is too expensive? In brandy shops, now you can buy the remains of the most relevant series for pennies and, with the help of the same moldings, create a composition worthy of publication in a glossy magazine. 9. With Your Hands

Do not know how to draw or sculpt? Experience shows that now, to create something outstanding, special skills do not have to be possessed. Inspire a couple of modern art objects and create your own. Here you can implement paragraph 6. 10. Grasp the Brush

Did you like painting the canvas? Go to the walls, furniture and ceiling. Doubt? Use stencils.