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10 practical summer ideas using palette -


In summer it is so nice to work in the fresh air andDecorate the site with your own hands. Are you afraid that the materials are too expensive and not sure of their abilities? We propose to pay attention to practically free, eco-friendly and very fashionable material for creativity - wooden pallets The possibilities of using palette are incalculable, and the popularity of this unusual material does not reduce the speed. Wooden pallets are often simply thrown into the trash after shipping. You can apply to a major store - you will surely be given them for a symbolic sum. A little effort - and the application of pallets can be found on the site, in the yard, on the veranda and in the summer house.

Vertical garden

Find the right pallet, make sure that the treeNot damaged and not soaked and sanded properly. On the reverse side, pallet with a tarpaulin or a dense cloth with a furniture stapler. Now the inner part can be filled with earth - the denser it is compacted, the less it will get enough sleep. Plant the plants so that the spaces between the boards are almost invisible. Leave the garden in a horizontal position until the flowers take root, and then set up vertically. Very beautiful look in the pallet simple in the care of succulents, but do not forget to follow the uniform moistening of the soil.

Suspended bed

You need a pallet of the right size - orseveral, connected together, a drill, screws, a mattress and a chain or strong rope. Add extra planks as needed, install fixings, tuck the mattress, and hang your bed from the ceiling, pergola, or a sturdy tree branch. Be sure to consider the possibility of rain - remember that the rope can get wet and the chain can rust - and consider a waterproof mattress cover. Everything, a wonderful resting place is ready.

Bar in the yard

Gather together and paint with special paint,designed for outdoor use, four pallets. Connect them securely with screws, and make the top of the bar out of suitable planks - always smooth and polished, your guests don't need splinters. The inner side of the pallets is suitable for placing bottles and cocktail ingredients. For parties, do not forget to provide - for example, a New Year's garland.

Coffee table

Treat the pallets with stain, primed,Color, dry and collect the table top of the desired size. The legs can be made from the remains of a tree, and from above lay suitable boards or, for example, glass. Such a table will decorate even an elegant living room. Of course, you can also collect a large lunch table for the whole family - the pallets are easy to handle and look decent with a minimum of effort.

garden path

If the pallets are disassembled into separate boards orjust dig in deeper, you can make an unusual one. Wood will withstand weather conditions longer if it is treated with special impregnations designed for surfaces exposed to water. Also, gravel laid between the boards will help get rid of excess moisture. Make sure the pallets you are using are not rotten and be sure to pull out all the nails.

Furniture for the veranda

Paletts can be used by literally collectingFurniture as a designer. This is a wonderful material for the sofas on the veranda - just join the palettes, making the base of the desired height, attach the backrest and lay on the soft seats and cushions. The best part is that you can add one more section at any time, add an extra legroom and set up a suitable table.


If you want to make a fence without gaps -The pallet will have to be dismantled on separate boards, and then it will be fastened again, as required, the top part can be sharpened, creating a classic silhouette of a stockade. If the slots suit you, all the work will be reduced to joining the pallets, to establish vertically and to strengthen the base. Just in case, you can add a wire wire - so no one will just climb to the site.

Doggy stool

Four-footed friends, having a rest with you at the dacha,Also deserve attention and comfort. Simply flip the pallet, remove one of the four walls and lay inside the favorite mattress of your dog or cat. For comfort, add more toys to the stove and write on the tree the name of the pet.

Boxes for harvesting

Fruits and vegetables of a new crop need to be stored somewhere- Here the pallets are useful. The slots in them will provide free air circulation, porous boards will absorb excess moisture. And, of course, untreated wood is more useful for potatoes and apples than shop plastic. As always, collecting a box of pallets, grind the tree and get rid of potential splints.

Paintings from pallets

Turn wooden pallets into canvas and express yourself on health! Great idea for a pointer on the site, a gift to neighbors, the slogan of your house or simply a spectacular veranda decoration.