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Doors that change the house beyond recognition


Doors of the Patio system allow you to be in the garden,Being in the house. How? The answer is in our article. In modern country houses the garden is something integral and obligatory for rest and relaxation after a hard day. To admire the garden in any weather without leaving home, the Patio doors were designed - sliding, glass, often the size of the whole wall. Such doors can be installed in the living room, on theKitchen, in the bedroom and even (if it's not a house, but an apartment planned for an individual project) on the balcony. And they are perfect for a wall with panoramic glass.

Beauty and safety

By the way, the doors of the Patio system are not justDoors, and the whole element of design, which sometimes sets the tone for the whole dwelling. Once upon a time in rich houses, the exit to the backyard lay through ordinary double doors. Agree, this is not entirely convenient, since a strong gust of wind could break them instantly. But there were no other technologies then. Modern designers have learned to make large,Sometimes even huge, completely glass doors. It would seem that the wind should threaten them even more, because there is so much glass. But this is not so, because these doors do not need to be plowed: they just move apart, along the walls. Ekaterina Avsatova, Eurostyle Service: "Our campaign has been working on the market of such structures for 13 years already. Over the years, the demand for Patio sliding doors has grown significantly. And this is not surprising: the sliding door system is very convenient and functional, and the features of its design make it possible to produce shutters of very large dimensions. The main thing, do not skimp on the hardware! According to the experience of working with different manufacturers, I can say that the Roto Frank concern is very well established. Its products proved to be the most durable, and also easy to operate. "

Doors know how to make a home lighter

Another undoubted plus of sliding glassdoors in that much more light will enter the house through them than through a simple window. In addition, they allow you to make a wider doorway and at the same time do not take up space at all in the open, because they simply slide along the wall. The hostesses will say: "You will be tortured to wash them!" Not true: modern cleaning products make it possible to clean anything, and even more so - glass.

It is important to know.

  • Patio sliding doors are used forGlazed exit to the balcony, to the terrace or to the street. The system is constructed on the basis of aluminum, wooden, PVC profiles and specialized fittings. In the Russian market, the richest selection of accessories for the Patio system is from the Roto Frank concern.
  • Thanks to the accessories for parallel-sliding structures, mounted on wooden and plastic profiles, it is easy to control the doors with a weight of up to 200 kg.
  • Parallel folding doors are the most elegantWay to connect the inner space with the outside. Due to the folding flaps and the no-threshold bus, this system provides wide enough and unimpeded access to terraces, balconies, winter gardens or summerhouses, which is especially important for families with small children and for people with disabilities.
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