18 delightful romantic bedrooms in the style of the cheby-chic -


This is the most gentle, gentle and girlish style of all,That we know. Unfortunately, a rare man can experience the same feelings as we, surrounded by ruches, carved furniture and vignettes. Therefore, girls, this collection is for you!

Shebbi-chic is a style not only of muslin ladies and touching princesses, but also quite solid people looking for warmth, comfort and fabulous beauty in the interior.

It was for such romantics that we made a selection of 18 bedrooms, looking at which, I want to languishly stretch.

An iron bed does not have to be"Grandmother" and the old. The main thing is that the paint girl on the metal does not look new. The rest of the interior can also be assembled from completely modern things. Modern, but old-fashioned.

Shebbi-chic is a worn vintage, so when repairing a wall you can not putty, and furniture is better to choose patinated. Here's to you a wonderful occasion to show creativeThe ability to sew a dozen pillowcases with ryushechkami and patchwork, embroider a daisy bouquet of daisies, bind a lace napkin ... And then collect everything together and get a breathtaking interior. Is not it a miracle?

Sorry to rub the sandpaper with new furniture? Get dressed in the decor and pastel shades of the palette. This is also a shebbic chic.

Classical or vintage furniture for such an interior is not a panacea, the main thing is the mood.

Gray shades - is it boring? By no means! Gray color is noble, it can be gentle, warm, deep and very interesting.

With pink, as you can see, you can also live. And if you pick the right shade, then even the most brutal man will not find that to protest your choice. Grandmother's tablecloth? Yes! Lining? Yes! Bored? No!

Who said that the plates on the walls - it's tasteless?

Shebbie-chic in minimalism is also possible.

Do not listen to advisers, low ceilings, high beds and crystal chandeliers are very much even compatible. Do you like canopies? We are very!

Dark furniture assumes neutral textiles. But if you set the task to emphasize the whiteness of the sheet, choose a dark carpet.

Remember! Fractured floor and flaky beams will best look against the background of ideally smashed walls.

A classic bed in loft walls and an eclectic environment? This is a shebbi-chic in its best manifestation.

Refuse to paint an iron bed is only in one case - if it is properly rusted.

Do not know what to hang on the wall in the bedroom? Take a picture of the most expensive thing that you have - a wardrobe.