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21 an unusual staircase that will inspire you to build a house


A ladder is not just an element connectingfloors of your house. Sometimes it becomes a whole piece of art! And today we will tell you about different types of stairs and, of course, we will show the most unusual of them. If you are building a house or simply plan to update an existing ladder, you need to know in advance what opportunities can be opened before you. And not only functional, but also design.

Stairs made of glass

They look very unusual, and walk on thema little scary, because glass is considered to be a fragile material. However, these ladders are made of special compounds that will easily withstand even very large weight.

Spiral staircase

Such a ladder is considered the most compact: it occupies the least space and is suitable even for small houses. To date, the most unusual spiral staircase was invented by designers from the Italian studio Disguincio & Co. It's called Folio.

Functionality of the ladder

Even if you are not going to make an outrageousstairs in your house, you will not be prevented from knowing about its capabilities. And there are many of them. For example, under it you can organize a place for storing things, books or a small space for rest (with a couch, pillows and a small table).