30 of the most beautiful autumn servings, as well as advice on how to create them


Bright color palette and varietythe natural decorative accessories that fall offers are a source of inspiration for decorators. We offer a selection of the best dining tables in the fall style and tips for decorating them. Perhaps for some, autumn is a dull time. But not for decorators! Inspired by the hot shades of autumn and its amazing decorative gifts, they fill interiors with original themed compositions of fallen leaves and seasonal vegetables. One of the most popular trends in seasonal decor is festive table decoration. We have selected 30 of the most beautiful and inspiring, in our opinion, autumn table settings, which can decorate any special occasion. A few useful tips will help you create similar decorative masterpieces on your own. To find ideas for autumn table decor,just look out the window. The hallmark of autumn is the leaves, which have changed shades of green to characteristic hot colors. Use them in your decorative compositions. Leaves can be placed in a vase with or instead of flowers. They can be neatly placed on a plate, in transparent candle holders, or simply scattered around the table in the end. To enhance this yellow-orange colouristic extravaganza, try to match textiles or dishes (but only either one or the other) to match the leaves. Invaluable help in autumn decorativeThe experiments will be seasonal fruits and vegetables: apples, pears, eggplants, pumpkins (we'll talk about the latter separately). They will look great in vases, transparent containers, wicker baskets, even in decorative cages. From vegetables, you can put a decorative barrier, which is one of the most popular trends in decorating a festive table. The pumpkin is perhaps one of the most recognizable symbolsautumn. This is partly due to Halloween, a holiday that came to us from the far west. However, even if you do not support foreign traditions, we recommend that you use a pumpkin in your autumn table decoration. The variety of sizes, shapes and colors that this vegetable can boast excites the decorator's soul. It is almost impossible to spoil an autumn serving with a pumpkin. The only criterion that determines the number and size of the pumpkins you choose is the table area. You can use a pumpkin not only as an independent decoration. If you get a core out of it and dry it a little, the pumpkin can fulfill the role of an original vase or even a plate. If you think the natural look of a pumpkin is notin harmony with your sophisticated interior, this is not a reason to refuse such a popular decorative accessory. Just paint it with spray paint. Pumpkins painted in gold look especially impressive. After all, it is the golden shades that are the leitmotif of autumn as a whole. Autumn decoration implies the presence of "warming"Details. Try replacing an ordinary tablecloth with a thin plaid. This simple trick will create at the table a pleasant atmosphere of warmth and comfort. Recommended for serving the table in the garden! Alternatively to bouquets of fresh flowersfor the autumn decoration of the table, it is customary to use a variety of dead wood: branches, armfuls of spikelets. However, this does not mean that flowers are taboo. You can safely supplement decorative compositions with both seasonal flowering plants and your favorite flowers from the greenhouse.

General tips:

  • Use in the decor of the table all the classic natural attributes: leaves, branches, vegetables, fruits. They are beautiful, inexpensive (or nothing at all) and they create the necessary thematic associations.
  • Beat the autumn color palette. Warm golden shades of textiles or dishes perfectly match with the natural decor. The main thing is not to overdo it, otherwise all the details of the festive serving will merge into a single yellow-orange spot.
  • Pumpkin - multifunctional decorativeAccessory with great potential. Do not be afraid to use it. Remember that this rough at first glance vegetable with a knife or paint can turn into an original and refined decoration of the table.
  • Create a warm atmosphere at the table will help you "warming" the details: tablecloth-plaid, crocheted covers for bottles or candles.
  • If you want to diversify the decorative color scheme or just a little refresh the dining room decoration in the autumn style, complete the composition with fresh flowers.