Selective guide

5 useful rules for selecting curtains


When it comes to curtains, we all think,that we know how to choose them. What if you forget the rules? In our article - 5 bold and practical ideas that probably never came to your mind. We all remember these rules: curtains must be combined with each other, two canvases and one cornice are supposed to be on one window opening and, of course, curtains are mandatory for all internal windows. But sometimes it's worth going against everything that you know. And as for the choice of curtains, you should definitely take a chance - in the end, it's quite easy to change them, and the result of a bold step can hit you and even get into fashion.

Mix colors and patterns

Try to combine different drawings and colors -reception, typical for the current style of bochos chic, the main principles of which are luxury, freedom and a combination of not combined. This idea also allows you to use the remains of cloth that did not come in handy during past repairs.

Limit one sheet

If the width of the tissue is sufficient toclose the window the way you want, just drape the canvas. There are many ways with the use of cords and fixtures for fixing. Such a curtain will decorate the interior, as the elegantly tied scarf adorns and complements the outfit.

One cornice for several windows

Thanks to one long cornice, several windows will unite into the illusion of one, large and wide. But the number of curtain canvases can be any. By the way, this technique helps.

Curtains for the street

Your patio or patio needs tooin decoration. Soft textiles here will create an atmosphere of bliss and luxury, and even protect you from the sun. Of course, the weather should also be taken into account, and whenever possible, choose water-repellent fabrics, impregnated with a special composition in case of rain. Or be prepared for periodic drying.

Curtains are not required

A window without curtains can increase the amount of light inroom at times. And it will not look naked at all - such, for example, are often found in, filled with the sun and lightness. And fabric that accumulates dust can cause allergies - why not try to live openly?