5 ingenious ideas of the interior, prompted by famous photographers


Photography is a great way to decorateYour interior. And another photo is an excellent adviser. After all, photographers have some tips on how to properly decorate a room from the point of view of photo art. There are five of them in our article! Photographers are creative and inspired people. And they always have something to share with the world. And with the world of design too. Therefore, we decided to collect five brilliant ideas, prompted by photographers, which are perfect for creating an ideal interior. Moreover, design and photography have long gone along, supplementing and enriching each other. So, five ideas and 25 variations on the theme: how to apply the rules of photography in your interior.

1. We leave room for the future

One of the famous techniques of photographers isIndication of perspective. For example, if you have a cyclist in the frame, it should be either in the middle of the frame, or on the side. In this case, there must be a space in front of him - "air", into which the hero of the frame enters. Such photographs or paintings are very convenient to use when decorating rooms. Since you can always "extend" this space by correctly arranging the photo. If the hero of your photo is looking to the right, then try to put the frame with the left side to the wall so that his gaze rushes to the distance, beyond the frame, and in nothing large does not rest. Our opinion: - If the hero of a frame or picture looks directly, then placing such a work of art stands in the middle of the wall.

2. Do not forget to indicate the direction

To achieve harmony, it is important to place objectsDecor at a certain angle. They must point to other objects. As "indexes" can be used indoor plants, inclined towards the room, a triangular carpet pointing to an armchair in the living room or, say, an object of painting that violates the general lines of the interior.

3. Follow the rule of thirds

The rule of thirds is a simplified version of the rule"Golden section". It has been used by photographers and artists since time immemorial. And in design it is more than applicable. The essence of it is that the objects look most attractive if they fall on the intersection of imaginary lines that divide space by a third vertically and horizontally. Our opinion: - The rule of the third is excellent for both arranging furniture in the room, and small decorative objects. If they are located at the intersection of lines, they will attract much more attention.

4. We combine large and small objects

Compensation of large objects by small ones isA favorite reception of photographers and designers. Leave more white space around the small details, and you will see how much they will begin to attract attention. Effective, original and, most importantly, beautiful.

5. Watch the leading lines

Anything that can act as leading lines canBe an ideal tool for creating the perfect design. Pipes, furniture, abstract patterns, parquet and much more are perfect for creating a "treadmill" for your eyes.