5 priceless tips for storing children's toys and small things -


How to restore order in the apartment, but that everythingWhat is left at hand? Of course, use organizers! In this case, it is absolutely not necessary to buy something expensive, because everything has an alternative. Read our material and see for yourself Children's toys scattered on the floor, bath accessories, always falling from the shelves, jewelry, which is constantly confused and lost. Familiar? Then our five tips will be very helpful. They will help you organize space, hide the necessary things so that they always remain at hand, and at the same time save on expensive purchases.

Organizer with pockets

You probably saw such organizers for shoes. But who said that they are suitable only for slippers and shoes? They perfectly fit the hairdryer, toothbrushes, gloves, sponges and towels in the bathroom. And in the nursery a similar "apron" will become a favorite place for storing cars and dolls. By the way, the top organizers come with pockets and fasteners for all kinds of jars and bottles.

Hanger with rings

If you have not bought a special hanger forScarves and ties, you can always make it yourself. To do this you will need a ring from the shower curtain and a hanger. As a result, you will get an excellent organizer for scarves, belts, ties and even t-shirts. Opinion of the editorial office: - Today in the shops you can find special hangers with rings for scarves and hooks for belts. They perfectly perform their function and save space in the closet.

Towel basket

If you do not know where to put the towels inBathroom, then look at this option. You will need a small basket and a pair of screws to attach it to the wall. Just a couple of actions - and in your bathroom there will be a convenient shelves for towels, from which nothing will ever fall out. And in the baskets it is convenient to keep combs and other trifles.

Toy Teddy Bear

Where to put children's toys - this is the main question,Which assigns any mom. Of course, scattered around the house bears, locomotives and designers, few will be pleased. But you can always collect them in a regular string bag, with which you used to go to the store for food. Or in the grid for things. You can also buy a special bag for toys or plastic containers.

Molds for ice

Yes, ice molds can perfectly replace specialized containers for small things. This is a box for jewelry, and a plate for a small child, and an organizer for a box with tools. Opinion of the Editorial Board: - Forms for ice - this, of course, is convenient. But today in the market you can find hundreds of variants of containers and organizers for storing all kinds of small things. At a price, they are not much different from the forms for ice, but they are more functional.