50 schemes of photo hanging -


Do not know what to decorate the wall? Create your own gallery, and our 50 combination schemes will help you make it perfect.

What can be more exciting than dismantlingPhotos from vacation? Only decorating frighteningly empty walls. If you combine two classes, you can get a lot of pleasant emotions, new knowledge (which side to keep the drill, for example) and the desired changes for the better. In the interior - so for sure.

So, where do you start? We suggest starting with the story. What exactly are you going to fill the walls with - photos, vintage postcards, maps, painting or a collection of children's drawings? Or maybe all at once?

Depending on the answer, you will have to decide on the design of the gallery, that is, the frames that you will use. But the most important question is, of course,Location of the gallery. Depending on which wall you are going to subject to the perforation, the coverage area will depend. To figure everything out clearly, we recommend drawing a scale plan of the wall, cutting out all the canvases from the paper within the framework and combining their arrangement until an ideal scheme is found ...