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5 of the coolest innovations in plumbing design


Have decided to update the interior of your bathroom orKitchen, but do not want to mess with the repair? Then replace the old plumbing with the latest innovative developments and "refresh" your house, making it even more comfortable and high-tech. Sooner or later we have to do repairs, change the old one to a new one and try to match the new technologies that appear on the market. Do not be afraid of new products - they are better to learn and apply. Today, we will review five impressive innovations in plumbing design and, perhaps, at least one of them will soon decorate your home.

1. Smart plumbing

Touch shower panels seem to be no longerconsidered an innovation, but it depends on how you look at it. There were craftsmen who, in addition to the standard functions of the backlight, telephone, music and hydromassage menu, added a new set of functions. For example, the Spanish designer Marco Antonio Esquiro San Roman has created a shower concept that automatically turns on over your head, and if you step away from the jets of water, they seem to fade away. But it is worth approaching again - and the pressure returns with the same strength and temperature. By the way, the water temperature is set by the user and remains unchanged throughout the entire shower procedure. The ability to control water, connect a smartphone, and provide news or weather forecasts on a large touch screen will be a welcome addition to this promising project. There are a huge number of other "smart" plumbing fixtures: touch-controlled faucets, self-cleaning toilets, electronic digital shower systems, with which you can set the desired temperature and control the supply of water and electricity.

2. Creative Mixers

Do not lag behind fashion and faucets. Today, an acute issue for environmentalists around the world is water saving, so in addition to the mass of specimens of unusual shapes from materials, there are those that help to reduce water consumption. This is achieved by installing temperature sensors, a pressure regulator and an artificial increase in pressure. Designer Philippe Starck (Philippe Starck) just created a very harmonious and "natural" mixer Axor Starck V, which allows you to observe the flow of water as it happens in nature.

3. Sinks made of organic materials

Ceramic and porcelain sinks were, are andRemain market leaders. But if earlier to compete with them was not something that is impossible - just useless, now the situation is beginning to drastically change. Trend is the environmental materials that allow you to establish a more intimate connection with nature. All the more popular are shells made of mahogany, walnut, teak, and also from concrete and shell rock. But if you still want to use time-tested ceramics, you can install one of the many models that have already been released, imitating a tree.

4. Metal finish in sinks and mixers

At all times when finishing plumbing oftenUsed metal finish. It does not matter, practical elements or performing a purely decorative function - they bring nobleness, austerity and elegance to the bathroom interior. And in some styles, for example, the Mediterranean or the Provence, they are simply irreplaceable.

5. Futuristic elements of the shower

Flat, luxury and opaque shower elementsWill be a wonderful decoration for any bathroom. With each next exhibition of sanitary novelties, the consumer receives more and more interesting specimens, as if they came from fantastic films. Together with an authentic appearance, such designs carry in themselves and useful functions (all the same water savings). Thanks to the special arrangement of shower heads, water consumption at the same pressure can be reduced to 50 percent.,,,