6 houses where you can be alone with yourself -


We all sometimes want to run away from problems, noiseand the hustle and bustle of the big city. Where to? Of course, to nature. Where it will be quiet, calm and deserted. Before you - a selection of houses, created in order to hide in them from the outside world. Equip yourself with a notebook and memorize the coolest ideas for your future dream home From whatever side you look, life in the metropolis is full of advantages. Developed infrastructure, opportunities for study and work, civilization ... We are so accustomed to the rhythm of a big city that the thought of living outside of it seems like something fantastic. But each of us has periods when we want to quit all business and just relax: body and soul. We present to your attention six houses in which you can hide from prying eyes. And remember: you don't have to go into the wilderness to be alone with yourself. It is quite possible to create a personal "end of the world" in your apartment.

Modern villa in Akureyri

This amazing house is only 10minutes from the capital of Northern Iceland, but it seems that for many kilometers around there is not a soul. Perfectly suitable for a relaxing holiday at any time of the year: in winter you can admire the northern lights from the window, in the summer - cold, but bright northern sun.

Cozy chalet in Breckenridge

In the ski resorts of France and Austria for a long timegained unprecedented popularity, but this specimen is located on another continent and gives a unique sense of privacy. Snow, mountains, beauty of Colorado - and let the whole world wait. Great, isn't it? If you own a country house (or are considering buying one), pay attention to the main architectural elements of the chalet style: protruding roofs, wood trim inside and outside, massive beams on the ceiling and walls. All this is not only beautiful, but also practical in winter, when the snow falls on the country roofs in heavy layers.

Capsule ecohouse from Slovakia

This tiny mobile home is absolutelyautonomous: it runs on solar and wind energy, and receives water from precipitation. You can stop and place the capsule anywhere: in the city, on the roof of a house or outdoors, away from people. We advise you to take a closer look not only at the beautiful external design, but also at the interior: this mini-house is a brilliant example of using useful space in a small area. If you live in a tiny apartment, be sure to check out the pictures of the Japanese capsule hotels and this house for many useful ideas.

Floating House in France

Semi-transparent cabin called WaldenRaft is hidden right in the heart of the lake and safely hidden from prying eyes by trees. There is hardly a more suitable and listen to yourself. In this project, the designers played with materials and textures in an interesting way: wood is interspersed with transparent inserts, which, in turn, harmonize with the water surrounding the house and add "air" to the space. Use transparent elements in your home or apartment to visually expand the space.

Casa Brutale with sea view

Stunning design by two architectsfrom Greece. They developed the concept of a truly secluded dwelling: not only is it cut into the rock and is actually underground, but instead of a roof there is a swimming pool. From neighbors - only the sea and mountains.

Cottage on the Faroe Islands

This cozy house is located on one of theFaroe Islands, literally at the end of the world. The place is just perfect: cliffs, mountain meadows, waterfalls and the endless Atlantic Ocean. Take note of the beautiful color combination of the house and the surrounding landscape: white, green, gray and blue. If you don't have your own country house yet, recreate a piece of nature right in your apartment using a natural palette and floral ornaments. Get inspired by Scandinavian style and panoramic photography.