5 most brutal houses in 2015 -


Masculinity will always be in vogue. Let's remember the same year 2015, when it was more urgent than ever! Our selection of the best houses for real men will open brutality on the new side. In this article you will find something that will hook you up for a living

The year before last, we took you through a hugethe number of stylish, bright and very unusual interiors. And back in 2015, we discovered a new level of brutality. Do not hesitate, it is! In our selection of articles, you will find vivid proof of this. would be great as a tiny little haven for James Bond. Minimalism reigns here, bordering on asceticism. Food, for example, is prepared right on the bedroom floor, most of the items are stored in boxes right under your feet. But how important are such minor restrictions when such a view opens from the windows! We'd love to see the Bond and Ethan tandemHunt. the latter, it seems to us, would be just right. Here you are in mortal danger of falling from a height, surrounded by metal, and glass, and rocks, and the elements, and impeccable style. Ideally. A real man is able to combine in himselfreinforced concrete brutality with silk tenderness. a family lives with just such a model of true masculinity. Here we see cold concrete, rough wood, stone and leather. And also smooth lines, soft shapes and a sea of ​​children's pictures. Lives a modern knight, not otherwise. Each room differs from the previous one, at times it seems that you walk around the penthouse, and not through a huge country house. By the way, the word "huge" can be applied here almost to every noticeable element - to windows, fireplaces, stairways and bathrooms. The shelter of a modern extreme businessman, in our opinion, should look like. Black color, geometric shapes, panoramic windows and spacious rooms, in which even on a skateboard, even on a bike.