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5 of the narrowest houses in the world, in which, however, it is comfortable to live -


Under the ideal home, many mean a large,two- or three-story mansion, along which you can ride a bicycle. However, there are people who are ready to live in spaces too narrow even for ordinary soft chairs. Do not believe me? We also did not believe

When we talk about spaces of wrongforms and ways of working with them, we usually mean certain compulsory circumstances relating to individual premises. Therefore, to imagine that someone in their right mind is able to spend money, at times considerable, on extremely, simply impossible disproportionate housing, it is difficult for us. However, this happens and, oddly enough, quite often. We found six very narrow houses in which one can also live.

Rooftecture S in 2005 in Japanese Kobebuilt Shuhei Endo. This house is located on a rock and is separated from the sea by a highway. In its widest part, the two-story structure reaches four meters, in the narrowest one - up to one and a half.

In 2011, in Warsaw, architects-entertainers fromThe Centrala studios built the world's narrowest house and named it after the writer and director Etgar Keret of Keret House. Its width, depending on the rooms, varies between 90 and 150 centimeters.

This glass house from Fujiwaramuro Architects,located in Japan's Osaka, one of the few "narrow" houses, which are not completely spoiled by their size. The area of ​​a three-story house does not exceed 70 square meters, the width does not reach 4 meters, but thanks to high ceilings, solid glazing and thoughtful interior, the house looks very stylish.

We met houses from port containers, andquite often they were whole mansions, or, conversely, lovely little cabins. But so that in the middle of the city between the apartment houses someone folded the construction of four containers, lit fluorescent lamps and provided a comfortable life for a young couple ... This is the first time we see. The only question that we have to the authors of the project, the studio Sculp - why they put the bed to the toilet bowl? Another Tokyo building called LuckyDrops can hardly be described. The author of the project Yasuhiro Yamashita created a dome-like construction with the walls at the top. Moreover, because of the trapezoid shape, the back of the house is almost half the size of the front.