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Budget repair: the design of the room is 14 sq.m in a modern style

Today, we will look at a real example of howYou can arrange a living room at 14.6 square meters. The author of this project, the designer Ekaterina Kokoulina, gave advice on inexpensive alteration of small living rooms and painted the budget for such repairs. If the corridor is considered the "face" of an apartment, then the living room is its "heart". There is always an active life here - noisy gatherings, meetings with friends and relatives, evening screenings of cinema novelties. When you design this room, you need to properly organize the space, so that nothing would interfere with a good rest. How to do it, we were told and demonstrated on the example of her work designer Ekaterina Kokoulina. Ekaterina Kokoulina, designer A graduate of the NARKhI, specializing in environmental design. Member of the Union of Designers of Russia. Creative director in R.V. K.DESIGN ( - What is the area of ​​this living room? - The room's footage is 14.6 square meters. It is located in a three-room apartment (panel house), the total area of ​​which is 70 square meters. - What is the amount planned for the implementation of the design project of this room? - About 300 000 rubles. - What influenced the formation of the interior concept and the choice of a color solution? - In standard apartments located in paneled apartment buildings, we often encounter two problems: low ceilings and insufficient illumination. These factors and became key in the formation of ideas and selection of color palette. - What do you advise the owners of suchLiving rooms? - There are several methods. To make the ceilings seem higher, you need to add a relief. This is easy to do with a low and wide eaves (about 20 centimeters in width). To expand the space and add light, in Europe paint all the walls in white. But at us this reception works badly - because of features of illumination of apartments white turns to gray. Therefore, in a couple of white, we need bright colors. Do not be afraid of them. Autumn, winter and even partly spring lighting in Moscow and most Russian cities can muffle any saturated colors. "What color did you stop at?" - As filling colors we chose sky-blue, white and several variations of beige (light wood), and also light gray. As accent colors in this interior were sunny-yellow and black. "Why is it black?" - Black is necessary in order to remove the feeling of grayness. Our eyes are arranged so that next to black white becomes whiter, blue is really heavenly, and yellow - bright. If we remove the black, then the contrast and expressiveness of the color will disappear. - What is the peculiarity of this living room? - We distributed the colors in such a way that when entering the room the room seems bright, cheerful, dynamic. But if you just sit on the couch, how the visual transformation is happening - the view opens with bright, calm, relaxing colors. In the interior of this living room, we seem to have combined a female and a male view of design. - What kind of textiles and decor did you use? - On the windows - monochrome blue curtains on the lining. Since the choice of such textiles is not great, I advise first to choose the fabric and already under it to paint the paint. The shade of paint to pick up under the curtains is much easier than to look for the necessary light blue options. We decorated the sofa with the pillows HOME. Attractive models in the amount of 4 pieces cost us 2 999 rubles. The set can be bought in the online store One of the walls was decorated with pictures printed on the principle of photo wallpapers, and the paper was stretched on a wooden stretcher. If you wish, you can decorate the living room with paintings made with oil. - Tell us about the furniture. - The sofa was chosen by the domestic manufacturer - the Moon factory. Its cost starts from 48,200 rubles. We supplemented the interior with an armchair from IKEA - the Melbi model cost 11,999 rubles (a cover - 1,999 rubles). Near the sofa is a table Weymon of the same Swedish brand (3 999 rubles.). It is painted in black. As a budget option, the Frost stool from IKEA is suitable for 199 rubles, also painted in black. As a coating I recommend acrylic paint or even ordinary gouache. The main thing then to fix a covering with two layers of an alkyd varnish. Then on the table it is not terrible to even shed something. Under the plasma we will place, for example, the Kratki bio-fireplace model DELTA (12 000 rubles.). He brings to the interior of this living room a note of warmth and comfort. The furniture is next to the TV set from the EGGER wood chipboard panels (the color is the oak of the champagne cremona) and the partition with the pine wood glass with easy brashing in dense white toning will be made in the furniture factory. - How did you select the sources of lighting? - A lot of attention in this room attracted floor lamps Ray from the brand Flos. They are stylish, beautiful, although quite expensive - 51 330 rubles for a high copy. As a budget option, choose a floor lamp and a lamp with a black and white shade. For example, a floor lamp on a tripod from the Italian brand Arte Lamp. Such a pleasure will cost about 3,650 rubles apiece. On the wall installed bra, which ordered in the store They also do not have a low cost. But if you are not ready to pay big money, make a budget option yourself. Use for this purpose gypsum and light-emitting diodes.

Decoration Materials:

  • Wallpaper. Collection Contemporary Restyled, code 95/6037, Cole & Son, (England) - 5 300 rubles per roll ( You can replace it with a more budget option - the Dimensions collection, code 8106, EcoWallpaper (Sweden) - 2 640 rubles per roll.
  • Dulux paint.
  • Parquet board on the floor (light oak) - 3 000 rubles per square meter. It can be replaced with laminate, imitating light oak.

- What will you advise our readers? - If the budget is limited, but the interior is liked, it is important not to give up, and step by step to go to the intended goal, as accurately as possible copying the design. Yes, you will spend time searching for analogues, making something yourself, but saving money and the result will please you for a long time. 3D-visualization of the living room provided by Ekaterina Kokoulina;;;