Apartments more than 90 sq.m.

Blue walls, concrete ceiling, purple bedroom: apartment for a happy family -


In this apartment much is made to order and absolutely everything corresponds to the task stated by the owners - a family apartment with a romantic mood. Here it is easy, nice and spacious

Family with two children from Taiwanese KaohsiungI wanted to see my new apartment as a romantic family nest. Implementing not fully formed fantasies of the hosts took studio HAO Design. Designers painted the walls in warm shades of blue, which visually expanded the already spacious apartment.

The blue frame of the windows does not create a contrast with the street scenery outside the windows, allowing it to gently enter the living space and become part of the interior.

The broken lines of the living room podium are repeated inForm a hinged concrete ceiling of the kitchen. The concrete itself, most likely, is simply varnished. The layout of public areas allows parents to indulge in their favorite cooking process while watching children playing in the soft zone.

Dining table as a continuation of the kitchen island(One of the most relevant trends in the current season) is realized along with another trend - collections of different collections of colored chairs and hanging lamps. Hall area with a bench - literateArchitectural solution, probably implemented by the author's sketches. The same can be said about the headboard in the master bedroom and the lockers in the nursery. All these small, but because no less significant details make the project authored, individual and therefore fully consistent with the request of the owners.