The apartments are 45-90 sq.m.

Repair for 3 months: bright kopeck piece in modern style


White interior can be practical, provesdesigner Mikhail Ivantsov on the example of his new project - a two-room apartment for a family that loves cleanliness, order and light walls The owners of this apartment are a young couple with a three-year-old son. The family is very active, loves sports, socializing with friends and is in awe of cleanliness in the house, hence the wish - as few surfaces as possible on which dust will accumulate. In addition, young people wanted a light interior in which white predominated, and the space was open and filled with air. The designer undertook to implement all the wishes of the family. Mikhail Ivantsov, designer Graduated from two specialized educational institutions: the Department of Fine Arts at the Leninogorsk Art School and the Naberezhnye Chelny Institute (Department of Design). Behind Mikhail's shoulders are many completed projects, participation in all-Russian competitions. Creative credo: "Design is not so much a profession as an attitude to life." The owners got a new apartment. The original layout involved two bathrooms, but the customers decided to use one of them as a dressing room. There were also two living rooms: one was given for the nursery, and in the second, thanks to its long rectangular shape, they decided to combine the living room, the parents' bedroom and the work corner. The corridor is made in a light palette and combinesimagine the colors used in other rooms, visually combining the interior. Front of the door is a custom-made full-length mirror, a small console and an ottoman. Also, the designer chose for the site in front of the entrance a more practical floor covering that would be easy to clean. The kitchen is 10 sq.m it was necessary to place all the necessary equipment, a storage system and a dining group. To do this, Mikhail chose a light corner set, and near the window allocated a place for a dining table from the Italian factory Molteni and chairs. The work area, as well as the area at the entrance to the corridor, is marked with a different floor covering. The living room in this apartment performs just threefunctions: recreation area, office and a bedroom. Despite the fact that the room is quite long, the designer decided not to allocate a separate area for the bed: the bed is occupied by a large and comfortable folding sofa. The window has a working place, and all storage systems are made in white and are as inconspicuous as possible. The children's room is also multifunctional:it provides two berths in case relatives or friends decide to stay overnight. The sofa and the bed are separated by an open white shelving unit. In addition to the seating area, the room is highlighted and creative with a large graphite board from floor to ceiling. Dressing room, unlike all the restpremises, decorated in a darker palette. Another color of furniture is dictated by practical considerations, and the layout is generally aimed at ease of use and the most rational use of space. In the bathroom the main color is invariableremains white, and emphasizes its contrasting dark tiles with the texture of the tree. The area of ​​7 squares allowed to place in the bathroom a full bath, a hanging toilet from the Japanese brand Toto and a roomy floating cabin with an overhead sink. In this interior were used: Corridor:

  • a mirror is made to order;
  • wooden elements are made to order in carpentry workshops.


  • table - Molteni (Italy);
  • fixtures - Centrsvet (Russia);
  • kitchen set is made to order;
  • tile on apron - Casalgrande Padana (Italy), collection of Marmoker;
  • laminate - Quick-Step (Belgium).

Living room:

  • chandelier - Centrsvet (Russia);
  • fixtures - Centrsvet (Russia);
  • armchair - BoConcept (Denmark);
  • laminate - Quick-Step (Belgium);
  • case furniture made to order.

Children's room:

  • sofa - Vitra (Switzerland);
  • children's bed - Meridiani (Italy), model Fox;
  • wooden elements are made to order in carpentry shops;
  • case furniture made to order;
  • fixtures - Centrsvet (Russia);
  • carpet - BoConcept (Denmark);
  • laminate - Quick-Step (Belgium).


  • case furniture made to order.


  • toilet bowl - Toto (Japan);
  • mixer - Paini (Italy), model DAX.