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New Year's atmosphere: how to create it 5 minutes before the holiday


To create a sense of celebration, it is not enough to put a Christmas tree and include a collection of New Year's tunes. It happens that the holiday simply "does not come." What to do in this situation, read in our article

The tree is standing, the jelly freezes, a blizzard outside the window,but it doesn't smell like a holiday ... What's wrong? You obviously missed some detail. We will not look for the reason, but we will tell you how to create the right atmosphere where it seems to be nonexistent. The smell of the holiday

Aromas we remember best. For many, the smell of tangerines and pine needles is the main attribute of the favorite winter holiday. In order not to clean the mandarins in each room, buy some scented candles with the scent of tangerines, cinnamon, vanilla, apples and pine needles. And you can make a sachet on your own - collect a composition from cinnamon sticks, badyan stars, cloves, cardamom and curdled mandarin crusts curled into a spiral. Frost patterns

Outside the window a thaw? Draw your own patterns with a piece of soap or a glue gun. Most likely, this will cause you to stop curtaining windows in the evenings and, perhaps, inspire to create holiday compositions on the windowsill. Unnecessary, they certainly will not. Related Articles New Year's Palette

Buy, but better sew a few pillowcases forCushions in the New Year's red-green palette. Or buy a new green blanket in the company of red pillows. Red frames for photos, suspended on green ribbons, also look very festive. Improvise! Postcards and posters

They do not necessarily have to adorn a man inA fur coat with a young relative, there will be enough fir, a winter landscape or a profile of poinsettia. Such posters can be safely left on the wall until the very spring. Treats

Gingerbread cookies, suspended from ribbons,Caramels in vases, the already mentioned mandarins with apples can be placed in strategically important places at home and enjoy the kind of affordable, delicious, sometimes useful and quite a holiday meal. Articles on the topic Home

If you do not have a fireplace, you can save the situation by candles or lamps with a warm yellow spectrum of glow. Such lighting can create comfort even in white, "hospital" walls.