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November is in full swing, which means it's time to think about it.About the New Year's decor and start looking for inspiration for creative family evenings. Most of the ideas presented in this material can be realized together with children, and as the main component you will need the most ordinary light bulbs

The word "recycling" alien to the Russian ear has a veryRelevant for the present time. Reuse of the materials that have served their time can best be used for evening family leisure and creative searches of the younger generation. Today we propose to discover burnt out bulbs on the new side.

The simplest and at the same time spectacular example of using only two ingredients - glue and blestyok.

The second level of complexity is manipulation with sets for creativity. Eyes, noses, ears and glue are all that you need. The feeling of beauty is also useful.

The drawing lessons were not in vain and your posterity is already confidently using a brush and can distinguish gouache from watercolor? It's wonderful! Keep a collection of ideas.

Learning to feel the style in its most vivid manifestations - collect a collection of light bulbs of different sizes, paint one third of them with gold from a can and fasten like a bouquet.

Light bulbs are not so many, but are they very different? Make a star!

Is polymer clay your friend and companion? It's time to move to a new level of skill with her!

The word "craquelure" makes you fidget with impatience? Urgently run to the store of art goods and get to work.

Even an old garland can inspire a creative person to create his own garden.

A rich collection of identical light bulbs and a boxGouache colors - an excellent occasion to glue your own Christmas wreath. And let the tradition come to us from across the ocean, nothing prevents it from being processed into our Central Russian manner.

We connect the simple with the complex and we get a bright, charming and original!

A trifle, which used to be stored in tiny boxes and has been waiting for its time for months, now can find a new life. The work is laborious, but grateful.

Older children should be more involved in work. And that it was faster, first draw a sketch.

Does your child prefer handicrafts to paints and brushes? No problem, for them we also have a couple of ideas.

Live Christmas trees - a great idea for the New Year's decor, which probably will be the most original among the ideas of all your friends.