Design of a children's room for a boy: a history of real repair

Children grow up. After a while, a 13-14 year old guy will look funny in a room with cars or trains on the wallpaper, right? Therefore, it is worth considering the design of the nursery, which will be "fit" for a long time

At the time of repair, Artemia, the owner of the 15-meterRoom, was 8 years old. Outwardly the room looked like a child's room, but the details of the interior of the child were not given out. Consistent and at the same time bright due to some elements of the design was able to create Maria Solovyova-Sosnovik. Maria Solovyova-Sosnovik, designer Graduated from the Institute in 2007. He is a member of the Association of Interior Designers and Decorators, and is a lecturer in the History of Design course.

"I live every second of waiting together withThe customer. I catch in a stream of my own ideas those that suit them. I always carry a roulette, rubber boots and a helmet in my trunk with me. "

The color scheme of the room was determined by Swedish wallpaper withA live drawing by Eco Tapeter. They are covered with two walls, and the other two are painted in a soft blue color. Light Roman blind closes the window, with its simple mechanism even a child can cope. All furniture presented in the room - fromThe Russian manufacturer Colombino Kids. It is made of massive maple and is covered with hypoallergenic color oil. Especially for active and very active children, in order to avoid bruising, all edges of the furniture are rounded.

  • Wooden chair Bo Concept.

The boy's sofa becomes a full bedSize 90 x 200 centimeters, if you take off his pillows. And in the morning, with the help of a simple storage system, young Artemy himself can pull the entire bed in boxes. The upholstery of the sofa is made of denim fabric in the form of a cover, which greatly facilitates washing.

To the drawers nothing hindered, the bedside table "hung" on the wall. Only amusing lamps in the form of little men from the collection of Riko boy allude to the fact that there lives a small child. And with swirling energy-saving bulbs they look like little robots.

Almost all accessories that adorn the boy's room were brought by his parents from various trips.