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Child's design for a boy: a bright room in a marine style


What a children's room consists of, how much is neededcabinets and why the floor should be pleasant to the touch, using the example of a real project, the interior designer Julia Kirpicheva told us. The nursery is one of the most difficult spaces to design. There are always a lot of requirements for the quality of functionality and the level of safety, and you also need to take into account the age of the child and the changing area of ​​interest. And most importantly, you need to please the whole family at once. Interior designer Julia Kirpicheva told us about the difficult path to an ideal, thoughtful and, of course, beautiful nursery. Julia Kirpicheva, interior designer: Since 2010 she has been creating private and public interiors. In 2011 she graduated with honors from the Moscow State University of Design and Technology. Julia's design projects are published by leading Russian specialized print publications and online media. The designer calls the principle of his work a conceptual approach to creating interiors.

- Customers, parents of a 4-5 year old boy, set the task: to develop a child-style design project in the marine style for their child. The interior of the children's room was part of the overall apartment project.

General interior style - eclectic with elementsclassics. In the nursery, we decided to leave the classical profiles a little, left little accents in the decor of furniture, designed according to my sketches. It was also required to provide the maximum storage space, but at the same time leave room for games and self-expression (the boy likes to draw).

Under the nursery was chosen the most lit room, without a balcony, located next to the parents' bedroom.

Children's rooms are one of the most difficult spaces.When designing a room for a child, particular preference is given to safety, environmental friendliness, ergonomics and functionality. In our nursery, access to sockets is closed for safety reasons. They are placed either in furniture, out of the reach of a child, or closed with blocking covers. Alexey Eliseev, co-owner and CEO of Manders:

- Children after three years will approach wallpaper, dedicatedtravel - adventure and travel like everything - or the hobbies of the child (ballet, sport, drawing, Indians). At this age it is important to take into account the interests of the child and his opinion.

Environmental friendliness has determined the choice of finishingmaterials: paper wallpaper, water-based paint for walls and ceilings, flooring - brushed engineering board. Due to the pronounced texture of the board, there are no scratches on it, besides the tree is very nice to touch, so the child will be happy to play on the floor. For the self-expression of the young master, we have a chalkboard. On it you can not only draw and hang your drawings, the board will also help you prepare for school.

The issue of storage was resolved thanks to two cabinets: under the clothes (closed) and under the books (open). The wardrobe under the clothes has different levels under the hanger. The book rack (height 2.65 m and depth 40 cm) is very light in its construction, for greater stability we fixed it against the wall, which is also a carrier. Alexey Eliseev, co-owner and CEO of Manders:

- For kids it's better to choose wallpaper with funnyanimals and birds, letters of the alphabet, cartoon characters. Before going to bed, you can tell a story about each character, learn the alphabet or come up with words beginning with each letter, and even whole stories.

Place near the window we gave under the desk, toWe also took care of his choice carefully. In addition to the fact that it is made of environmentally friendly materials, to avoid problems with the spine, the height of the table is adjusted for the growth of the child.

We equipped the playground with a Swedish wall.A bed made of MDF, made according to sketches, 110 cm wide, is not a single set with a wardrobe, but is combined with it thanks to a repeating decoration element. The choice of colors, patterns, themes and prints was attended not only by adults, but also by the little owner of the room - the last word was always with him. Alexey Eliseev, co-owner and CEO of Manders:

- Do not overload the nursery with design.An intense print on all walls will distract attention, make it difficult to focus or relax. You can beat different zones of the nursery with companion wallpaper. For example, highlight the game part with wallpaper with a pattern, highlight the wall near the sports complex with striped wallpaper, decorate the rest of the space with background wallpaper with a small pattern, plain wallpaper or paint it. For a children's bedroom, it is better to choose wallpaper with a calm pattern. We also offer to combine wallpapers of different colors. We always try to publish the most detailed estimates of a particular project - it is a pity that it is not always possible to look behind the scenes of the renovation. We do not have a full estimate for this project, but we know for sure what was purchased in the store for the design of this nursery.

  • Wallpaper: Narlequin / All about me 110529, 2 900 rubles, 5 rolls-14 500 rubles.

  • Curtains: fabric Scion / Plains one / Jasmine 130480, 3 300 rubles, 6 running meters - 20 790 rubles

  • Obtachka (width 15 cm): Scion / Plains one / Indigo 130450, 3,300 rubles, 2,1 running meters - 6,930 rubles.

  • Lining: Venus color 02, 1 350 rubles, 5.5 running meters - 7 425 rubles.

  • Cornice: 15 564 rubles.

  • Paint for walls: Farrow & Ball 201EE25, 5 700 rubles, 2.5 liters - 5 700 rubles.

  • Paint for Plinus: Farrow & Ball 2005 ALL white, 9 500 rubles, 5 liters - 9 500 rubles.

  • Paint for ceilings (lower): Farrow & Ball 220ME25, 5 100 rubles, 2.5 liters - 5 100 rubles.

  • Paint for ceilings (top): Farrow & Ball 220ЕE25, 5,100 rubles, 2,5 l - 5,100 rubles.

    Total: 90 609 rubles.