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IKEA: The best news of April

Going to the next weekend in IKEA, be sure to check this article. In it, we have specially gathered for you the brightest and freshest news of the company, which appeared on sale in April

New month - and a new reason to go forshopping at IKEA. Despite the fact that the Scandinavian credo is minimalism, the company's designers every month come up with something new that cannot be passed by. Even if everything is already complete in your apartment, and you do not know where to attach another cute, comfortable and terribly functional little thing, just give something to your friends, give it to those in need, and then a place will appear again, and then ... Unusual, stylish, laconic, cute novelties that await you in April at IKEA We offer you to start your inspection with the new limited collection ONSKEDROM, which includes decorative pillows, carpets, trays, dishes, bed linen and other accessories for the home. All of them are decorated with funny images of mythical animals and objects, created based on the work of the cult Swedish illustrator Olle Eksell (Olle Eksell). 1. Wall clock ONSKEDROM Price - 599 rubles. R. This fun clock with a black and white drawing inspired by illustrations by Olle Excel can be hung not only in the nursery. In the dining room, living room or bedroom, they can very well take on the role of an art object! Try it yourself. 2. Decorative pillows ONSKEDROM Price - 199 rubles per piece. R.

"Matches are not a toy for children" - this postulateKnown to everyone with the young nails, but what if the matches - red, blue, yellow, green - is an unusual print on decorative cushions? Such "matches" can be played!

If children like the first pillows more, thenHere, colorful and black and white, with funny hippie birds, invented by Olle Excel, will also be appreciated by adults. 4. Bed linen set ONSKEDROM Price - 999 rubles (duvet cover + pillowcase). R. A bright set of bed linen will appeal to your children. After all, it depicts the adventures of the boy Edward and his horse, living in the same Scandinavian town. You can learn more about Edward's life from Olle Excel's book, which can also be bought at IKEA. 2. A set of boxes with lids ONSKEDROM Price per set (3 pieces) - 699 rubles. R. A set of multi-colored paper boxes is a continuation of a fascinating series of stories about the life of the boy Edward and his horse, reproduced by IKEA designers on ONSKEDR bed linen. We are sure that children will be happy to collect their things in them, because together you can come up with your own, completely new story about Edward ...

We continue to study new items, and now it's the turnbright spring collection POSKINDE, which, by the way, was released specially for Easter and also in limited edition. The Easter bunny, traditional for Europeans, has been replaced by cheerful birds, which freely flap from tablecloths and napkins onto plates and pillows, wink with LED lights and chirp on branches of festive willow. 5. Stand for eggs POSKINDE Price - 49 rubles per piece. R. Check out these cute and funny chicken egg coasters! With them, every breakfast will be festive. Children from such colorful chickens will simply be delighted, even if they do not like to eat eggs. 6. Plates POSKINDE Price - from 159 to 499 rubles per piece. R.

Large and small plates with multi-coloredbirds are suitable not only for the Easter table. They will turn every meal into a small celebration. And no matter how old you are, rest assured that pasta from a plate with a pink or blue bird tastes a thousand times better than just a white one. 7. POSKINDE tablecloth Price - 999 rubles (145 x240 cm). R. Are you waiting for your friends to the festive table or are you going to dine with your family? Then cover the table with a spring tablecloth with singing birds, take out the ceremonial service, lay out all sorts of goodies on the plates. Bon Appetit! 8. Hanging decoration POSKINDE Price - 49 rubles per piece. R.

"The starlings have arrived, the starlings have arrived, on their wingsspring has arrived. ”Just buy more of these cute birds of different colors and hang them around the house. They will look especially good at the festive table on a bunch of tender willow. And finally, a couple of new products that we could not pass by. 9. LED decorations SOLVIDEN Price - from 199 to 799 rubles. R.

We have already written about LED decorations more than once.SOLVIDEN. In the IKEA collections, they are of a wide variety of shapes and sizes. This time, the designers turned to the theme of fruit - glowing pears and apples of green or white color can be placed on any horizontal surfaces and even hung. SOLVIDEN has two huge advantages: they do not need wires and sockets, as jewelry runs on batteries or accumulators that transform sunlight, and the LEDs installed in them consume 85% less electricity than conventional lamps. 10. Beach towel SOMMAR Price - 799 rubles per piece. R. Well, it is simply impossible to pass by such a juicy terry towel with green pears! Moreover, the beach season is just around the corner. The size of this miracle is 100 x 180 cm, machine washable, density - 380 g / m².