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Black in the interior: ultramodern residence from Taiwan

Black walls, black furniture, black ceiling, andAll this in one house. Dark? Designers from Taiwan do not think so. They went on a bold experiment and executed the interior of the 256-meter residence completely in black. Want to immerse yourself in an atmosphere of luxury and mystery? Choose a black color for the interior. Of course, it's not easy to decide this step. In our culture, this color is associated with mourning and horror stories. But in the East it is considered a symbol of nobility, perfection, purity and respectability. To dispel skeptical doubts, we suggest looking at black with the eyes of another culture. The ultra-modern residence with four bedrooms and a spacious living room is located in Taiwan, in Taipei. Her design dealt with the studio Atelierii + Just Make Design.

Balance on the verge ...

The interior of the space balances on the brink: Dark furnishings, dark furniture items and accessories. Thanks to natural materials, different texture, semitones and shades, the room creates a feeling of peace, coolness, reliability, some mystery and elitist luxury. The dining room, living room and kitchen are located on the same outdoor area. Visual boundaries are set between each zone. In the decoration of the walls of the dining room and living room, a lighter natural stone was used. Our opinion: - You can use black color in the interior of a living space with bold personalities with a good, refined taste.

Frozen melody of black marble

Black marble in the interior is infrequent. Its deep dark color creates a noble and respectable environment in space. Pay attention to the luxurious floor with ornate light veins. He creates a special attraction in the interior and attracts attention to himself. Its beauty is emphasized by glossy surfaces and spotlighting. It turns out a radiant effect, like a black diamond that shimmers with all facets. Black marble does not lose its relevance. His noble grandeur of the interior creates an atmosphere of comfort, solidity and aristocratic charm. Looking at these apartments, it's hard not to agree. Our opinion: - Drawing of black marble can have different effects on the human psyche. For a home relaxing interior, a stone with soft lines and a fuzzy pattern is ideal.

Secret doors and visual illusions

Mirrors are always present in the mysticalLegends, myths and riddles. Designers recommend to treat them seriously, as they have unique properties that can transform reality and create illusions. In this small corridor decided to increase the height of the room and installed a mirror on the ceiling. Lighting, conducted along the perimeter of the ceiling, enhances the effect. Since materials with different textures were used in the corridor, it looks original and interesting. The intrigue is that there are secret doors that lead to the sleeping rooms. When you get into them, the feeling of visual illusions does not leave at the expense of the fact that the interior contains glossy surfaces, marble and monochrome. Everything is reflected, which gives a sense of the depth of space. Our opinion: - Mirrors can not only improve and increase space, but can also break it. In order not to have a feeling of anxiety, you should not hang a mirror opposite each other.

Softness and airiness

You may find it strange, as in the darkInterior is soft and airy? But this result has been achieved through a properly organized lighting, reflective surfaces and finishes of different textures. Also, the black color in this interior is perceived interestingly (not mournfully) due to the fact that a lot of shades are used here. Matte and glossy surfaces that are present in the finish, perfectly combined with each other. All this affects the positive perception of black color. Our opinion: - You can soften and balance the black color with light colors and different metallic silver objects (mirrors, candlesticks, accessories).